July 11, 2020
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Media Hysterical Over Trump Rally COVID Danger; Ignores Brooklyn Protests

Media Hysterical Over Trump Rally COVID Danger; Ignores Brooklyn Protests

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Posted by Alex Nitzberg via JustTheNews.com,

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In preparation for President Trump’s first rally in recent months, media coverage often focused on coronavirus-related health risks associated with such an event, but when thousands of people recently gathered in Brooklyn, several reports did not even mention COVID-19.

“Thousands of white-clad demonstrators flooded several blocks around the Brooklyn Museum to uphold human rights for black transgender people on Sunday afternoon,” the Associated Press reports. announces – but history never mentions coronavirus.

Similar article The CBS News publication begins as follows: “Thousands of people attended the rally and silent march of black trans-lives on Brooklyn Sunday.” This article contains null references to coronavirus or the potential danger of its spread.

Rally for black trans-lives attracts a huge crowd in Brooklyn“The headline of the NBC News LGBT section,” NBC OUT states: There is not a single mention of COVID-19 in the play, although it is noted that “a swarm of visitors covered the square in front of the museum and occupied the road on Vostochny Boulevard, probably in thousands.”

Thousands advocate black trans in nationwide protests“announces the CNN headline. The article mentions meetings in New York and elsewhere, but the coronavirus is never discussed.

report from the New York Times there really is a paragraph that mentions the problem of the virus: “The vast majority of protesters wore masks, and security groups along the route handed out hand sanitizers. But the crowd was so large that social distances of six feet were often impossible. Officials expressed concern that Floyd’s protests could lead to the spread of coronavirus, although there is no evidence in New York yet. ”

But while many reports of a large crowd last weekend in New York never mentioned the coronavirus, much of the media coverage around President Trump’s upcoming rally in Oklahoma in Tulsa included this issue.

Here are some recent headlines:

“Despite the increasing incidence of coronavirus in this area and afraid that the event may be a super-distributor of COVID-19, many participants decided to abandon masks and social distancing, being in a queue where people were waiting on sun loungers and in tents. NBC News story noted.

“The addition to anxiety in Tulsa reinforced concerns about the risk of coronavirus.” New York Times article announced.

“On Wednesday, a senior health official said he was worried that the rally might become a” super-spreader, “and recommended putting it off.”

This Saturday, the presidential rally will be held indoors in the large BOK center, and registration page for the event includes a warning / disclaimer for visitors about the potential impact of COVID-19.

Associated Press story calledTrump rally called “dangerous move” in the era of coronavirus warned:

“Scientists believe that the virus spreads much easier in crowded spaces than outdoors, where circulating air has a better chance of scattering viral particles.”

Comparing the scope of a large transgender meeting, which in several cases completely ignored the problems of the coronavirus, with the coverage of the upcoming Trump rally, which often highlights the problems of the coronavirus, leaves the media vulnerable to bias allegations.


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