July 8, 2020
AliExpress WW

Mathematicians are encouraged by new data on collective immunity against COVID-19

AliExpress WW
Mathematical modeling showed that collective immunity against the new coronavirus can begin to suppress a pandemic in 43% of the ill population. This is less than past estimates, says an article in the journal Science. This was reported by the press service of the University of Nottingham.

Previously, most scientists believed that population immunity with coronavirus would begin to manifest itself in 60% (or even 70%) of the ill – or vaccinated – population.

AliExpress WW

Mathematicians from the University of Nottingham and Stockholm used a new multifactorial method for assessing the development of such immunity and found that it does not correlate with age groups, but is directly associated with increased social activity.

That is, the more socially active people, the higher the likelihood of their infection. And they are more likely to begin to infect people if they themselves are infected. Therefore, the threshold of collective immunity is lower when immunity is caused by the spread of the disease, and not by vaccination, the article explained.

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