July 6, 2020
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Leaked Documents Reveal Right-Wing Oligarch Plot To Overthrow Mexico's AMLO

Leaked Documents Reveal Right-Wing Oligarch Plot To Overthrow Mexico’s AMLO

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Posted by Ben Norton via TheGrayZone.com,

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Mexican oligarchs and establishment political parties have teamed up in a secret alliance to try to oust left-wing president Lopez Obrador from power through the media, Washington, and Wall Street. Leaking documents lays out their insidious strategy.

Some of Mexico’s most powerful forces are joining forces to try to overthrow the country’s first left-wing president in recent decades, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador. And they obviously have support in Washington and on Wall Street.

Popularly known as AMLO, the Mexican leader is a progressive nationalist who has made a promise to “put an end to the dark night of neoliberalism.” Since then, he has brought to life the revolutionary vision that he calls the “Fourth Transformation,” vowing to fight poverty, corruption and drug abuse, and is increasingly confronted with the wealthy elite of his country.

Lopez Obrador also challenged US foreign policy consensus. His government granted asylum to the elected socialists of Bolivia. President Evo Morales and members of the Evo political party who were exiled after Trump supported the administration of the military coup,

AMLO also held historic meeting with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Caneland even stated that Mexico would be ready to break one-sided Venezuelan American blockade and sell the beleaguered Chavista government petrol,

This policy has brought AMLO the wrath of the oligarchs, both inside and outside. On June 18, the U.S. government increased pressure on Mexico by targeting companies and individuals, sanctions allegedly for providing water to Venezuela under the humanitarian agreement “oil for food”.

The cost of the Mexican peso immediately fell by 2 percent after the introduction of sanctions by the Trump administration.

These first salvos of Washington’s economic war with its southern neighbor took place a few days after Lopez Obrador held a bomb press conference in which he revealed that the political parties that dominated Mexican politics for decades before he secretly teamed up to try to overthrow the president years before his democratic mandate ends in 2024.

Forces trying to remove AMLO from power include large media networks, large corporations, current governors and mayors, former presidents, and influential business leaders. According to the leaked document, they call themselves the bloc of wide opposition (Bloque Opositor Amplio, or BOA).

And they say their team has lobbyists in Washington, financial investors on Wall Street, as well as major news outlets and journalists from domestic and foreign media.

“Wide Opposition Bloc” – BOA conspiracy to demonize AMLO through media propaganda

IN June 9th press conferencethe Mexican government published a leak of a strategic document allegedly drawn up by the Broad Opposition Bloc, entitled “Let’s Save Mexico” (Rescatemos a México). The AMLO administration said it did not know the cause of the leak.

These pages consist of a summary of the “Project BOA,” which sets out what he calls the “action plan,” a plan of concrete steps that the opposition alliance will take to overthrow the AMLO.

Cover of a leaked document, BOA project plan summary, “Let’s Save Mexico”

One of the key points of the plan is: “Lobbying by the BOA in Washington (White House and Capital Hill) to highlight the damage that the government [Fourth Transformation] doing with North American investors. ”

The lobbying strategy largely depends on how the United States opposes the AMLO: “More than comparing this with Venezuela,” the document says, “the BOA must emphasize the very high mass migration of Mexicans to the United States if the unemployment and insecurity crisis worsens. “

The BOA then adds: “Repeat this story in the American and European media.”

Section of the BOA Plan for lobbying in Washington and using the media to spread anti-AMLO messages

The leaked pages say that the BOA has an “international press (USA and Europe)” along with “foreign correspondents in Mexico.”

The document even mentions specific media, as well as individual journalists and influential people on social networks who can help disseminate their propaganda against AMLO. Listed are some of Mexico’s top news publications: Nexos, Proceso, Reforma, El Universal, Milenio, El Financiero and El Economista.

List of sympathetic anti-AMLO media and journalists in the BOA

The Action Plan clarifies that this powerful opposition alliance seeks to use its vast media control to obsessively accuse AMLO of “unemployment, poverty, insecurity and corruption” in Mexico.

The BOA even explicitly states in its plan that it will use “groups of social networks, influential people and analysts to insist on the destruction of the economy, democratic institutions and political authoritarianism of the 4T government” (using the abbreviation for the fourth transformation process).

This makes it particularly ironic that the BOA document reluctantly acknowledges that the Lopez Obrador government “managed to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus health crisis by providing large sums of money to victims through social programs.”

The page leaks also recognize that AMLO has an approval rating of more than 50 percent – lower than its peak at Support 86 percent at the beginning of 2019 or his 72 percent at the end of the year, but still impressive for a region where US-backed leaders such as Chilean Sebastian Pinhera or Colombian Ivan Duque regularly received approval ratings 6 percent and 24 percentrespectively.

Mexican political parties and former presidents team to overthrow AMLO

With the support of the US government and the absolute dominance of narratives in the media, the broad opposition bloc’s plan is to unite all of Mexico’s political parties.

Together, these parties can potentially nominate candidates under the auspices of the BOA, according to the document. Their goal would be to end the majority in the 2021 legislative elections that the left-wing AMLO Morena party received in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies.

After that, the BOA clearly states that it plans to block reforms in the Mexican legislature, and will eventually impeach President Lopez Obrador by 2022 – at least two years before his term ends.

It is very significant that the document “Let’s Save Mexico” does not say anything about the average Mexicans from the working class and their participation in the political process. He also does not recognize the existence of trade unions or public organizations of activists that form the basis of the AMLO movement and its Morena party.

This is not surprising given that the BOA alliance lists some of the most influential figures in the Mexican ruling class.

All major political parties are included: the right-wing National Party of Action (Partido Acción Nacional, or PAN), the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, or PRI), the Centrist Civic Movement (Movimiento Ciudadano, or MC), and even the former Democratic Revolutionary Party AMLO (Partido de la Revolución Democrática, or PRD).

List of political parties included in the BOA

The BOA also includes the new political party, México Libre, a vehicle for former right-wing president Felipe Calderon, the main ally of George W. Bush, who declared a catastrophic “drug war” in Mexico, killing tens of thousands of people.

Along with Calderon, the BOA lists former President Vicente Fox, another right-wing US ally, as a coalition ally. Fox worked closely with the Bush administration as president to isolate left-wing governments in Latin America, and even tried to undemocraticly remove AMLO from the post of mayor of Mexico and prevent him from running for president.

The BOA also states that it is supported by the governors of 14 states of Mexico, as well as opposition lawmakers in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, judges of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) and representatives of the National Electoral Institute (INE). )

Wall Street Investors and Mexican Oligarchs Support AMLO Alliance

Joining the whole Mexican political establishment in the Broad Opposition Bloc is a powerful financial oligarchy, both domestic and foreign.

Along with “lobbyists against 4T in Washington,” the leaked document says the BOA has “Wall Street investment funds.”

The BOA adds that it is supported by “T-MEC-related corporations” using the abbreviation from Spain for the new US-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA 2.0.

Influential business groups and corporations listed in the BOA

Some of the richest capitalists in Mexico are affiliated with the BOA. The leaked document mentions the Mexican corporate monster FEMSA and the oligarchs from its associated Monterrey Group, which the New York Times once described as “closely knit family of wealthy and conservative businessmen“.

The BOA pages also point to the powerful Mexican Business Coordination Council (Consejo Coordinador Empresarial) and the Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Mexico (Coparmex) as allies.

Opposition denies involvement in BOA, while warms up AMLO

A few days after the Lopez Obrador press conference at which the Broad Opposition Bloc was revealed, some of the prominent figures involved in the alliance, such as Felipe Calderon, denial of involvement,

Some of these political and economic elites have even argued that the BOA does not exist, seeking to question the president’s scandalous revelation and accusing him of fabricating a scandal.

But their efforts are clearly part of a broader campaign by Mexican opposition groups to remove President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador from power. As the fourth AMLO transformation progresses, their destabilization tactics become more and more extreme.

Lopez Obrador himself warned of the radicalization of the right opposition. As Previously reported gray areaThe president made an ominous reference to the threat of a potential coup in November 2019.

Addressing former Mexican President Francisco Madero, leader of the Mexican Revolution and left-wing comrade who was killed in 1913, AMLO tweeted: “How wrong are the conservatives and their hawks … Now it’s different … There’s no other coup d’etat will be allowed. “

The next part of this series of investigations at Grayson will show how far-right forces in Mexico achieve a coup against the AMLO.


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