July 11, 2020
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Join GGV’s Hans Tung and Jeff Richards for a live Q&A: June 4 at 3:30 pm EDT/12:30 pm PDT – TechCrunch

Join GGV’s Hans Tung and Jeff Richards for a live chat today at 3:30 EDT/12:30 PDT – TechCrunch

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Good ship Extra Crunch Live Today we are sailing, attracting two well-known venture capitalists to discuss world investment models, their own deals and much more.

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Extra Crunch Members May Join the conversation with Hans Tung and Jeff Richards of GGV Capital at 3:30 pm EDT / 12:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm GMT.

We will collect questions from the audience, so buy Extra Crunch Challenge now so you can participate. Of course, TechCrunch has a list of its own inquiries – GGV Capital invests around the world, which means that it has eyes and ears in a number of different markets. We will look at how different markets are developing: is the Chinese venture scene as slow as it seems? Europe bounces back, as we heard? And what is the current temperature here in the United States for series A to C rounds?

When the stock market got back in shape, the exits became hot again, which gives us a new set of topics to explore, including how GGV considers the appetite for mergers and acquisitions today in terms of price and whether any of their companies are turning a later stage of closer attention to the IPO Market.

Guests like Tech Crunch Extra Crunch Live investor and entrepreneur Mark Kuban, Sydney Sykes of BLCK VC Alexa von Tobel from Inspired Capitalwith lots to come.

There are other pressing issues: the COVID-19 pandemic is again accelerating domestically, even if it is decreasing abroad. And the GGV opposed racism in the early days of the protests after the assassination of George Floyd, so we will ask about the venture capital industry and whether its efforts to diversify will bring more substantial progress this time.

Extra Crunch subscribers, click the jump and add the event to your calendar. Zoom links and other goodies are also down there. (We will also broadcast live on YouTube). If you are not a follower of Extra Crunch, You can get a cheap trial here,

All is ready? Fine. See you in a few hours.

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