July 11, 2020
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“It was a scary, unnerving time” - Coronavirus prompts Arizona spa owners to close

“It was a scary, unnerving time” – Coronavirus prompts Arizona spa owners to close

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Earlier this month, Jacy and Seth Boyack reopened their massage spa in Arizona due to pandemic closures. But they closed Citrus Massage back four days later, citing security concerns from the flash of Covid-19.

AliExpress WW

In a CNBC interview with The Exchange on Monday, Jayce Boyac said that even while working at the front desk, she was worried.

“I’m not a massage therapist … I thought:“ If I’m nervous at work, how can I expect my staff to enter room 10 by 10 and really find themselves so touched by the industry? “- she said. “It was a terrible, unnerving time, and it was not very convenient.”

Boyacs rediscovered Citrus Massage in the suburbs of Phoenix Chandler, Arizona, June 4 and June 7 were the last day of service before the re-closure. Seth Boyak noted that spas and massage therapists in Arizona can start service in maybut they expected to reopen Citrus fruits to take proper precautions, such as strengthening sanitation.

Jayce Boyac told The Exchange that Citrus requires you to wear masks in any public area of ​​the spa, but they are not required during the massage. She said that, in her opinion, clients would continue to order massages if Citrus adopted a more stringent mask policy during the massage. But, she said, “I still think that with the increasing number of cases in Arizona, you are not socially excluded. You are a few inches from someone … It also scares customers. ”

Boyacks’ decision to suspend operations voluntarily provides insights into US business owners weighing themselves during a public health crisis that is intensifying in some places.

Citrus Massage in Chandler, Arizona.

Source: Citrus Massage

During the opening of Citrus, new cases of the Covid-19 and virus related hospitalizations in Arizona were already growing. In a subsequent conversation with CNBC, Seth Boyak said their implementation takes into account their decision to suspend operations again. He said that they decided whether to be “part of the problem” while remaining open, or “part of the solution” while closing.

Arizona is one of many states in the United States where there has been an increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus and hospital admissions after easing business restrictions. In response, state governors such as Texas and Florida canceled their opening plans by ordering bars to closeCalifornia has taken similar steps in some state counties.

And on Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that state plans to resume some dinners on Thursday will be delayed, partly citing an increase in the number of cases in the United States.

Seth Boyak said their plans for how to open Citrus Massage during a pandemic are uncertain. He noted that their landlord deferred the lease, although other accounts remain. He also cited the concerns of employees, some of whom may live with older family members or have an underlying illness themselves that puts them at greater risk of serious illness from Covid-19, he said.

“We feel that we will be irresponsible to open up as things continue to grow,” he said, suggesting that a steady, sharp reduction in new cases would be a prerequisite for their resumption. “I still think this is a terrible, nervous time for our therapists and clients, so it’s hard to say what it looks like in the future.”


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