July 10, 2020
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Is CHAZ A Setup For The Next 'Maidan'?

Is CHAZ A Setup For The Next ‘Maidan’?

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Posted by Tom Luongo through the Strategic Culture Foundation,

AliExpress WW

The speed of event acceleration makes prediction a wacky game. But I will try to do this, because in my life they called me a hell of a lot worse than a “fool”.

Since the riots began after the death of George Floyd for anyone who had the experience of covering world politics, it was obvious that it was a targeted operation aimed at undermining the presidency of Donald Trump here in the United States.

Formation of Capitol Hill Autonomous Region (PrEA) in downtown Seattle is the last of a series of provocations and escalations designed to push Trump to apply the 1878 Uprising Act and the deployment of the armed forces to suppress these riots, endlessly promoted by accomplices in the West as “peaceful protests.”

They are none other than this.

This is a situation where, due to subsidies from Mayor Jenny Durcan and Governor Jay Insley, that will persist long enough to plunge into violence and chaos. Notice how I do not use the word anarchy.

Because we already saw the form of government in PrEA with a board of governors, a kind of constitution and decrees of white people paying reparations to black members of the community.

Since Simone, like the last days of Isaac Hayes – the duke – from John Carpenter’s prophetic escape from New York, distributes AR-15 and AK-47 to keep weapons calm. And soon some pigs will become much more equal than others.

But, even if my worst predictions regarding PrEA do not come true, since this is a very tactical operation in a more grandiose strategy to undermine and delegitimize Trump, there will most likely be violence.

All we need to do is look at what happened during the other so-called color revolutions, which relied on legitimate protests against existing, corrupt governments.

This reminds me of the situation in Ukraine in 2014, when the protests on Maidan Square in Kiev became violent, when snipers started firing from the roofs. And to this day, questions arise, who shot whom and what actually happened.

But, given that peaceful stability in PrEA does not serve anyone in power on both sides of the political split, the likelihood of such a provocation is very, very high.

As far as I understand, people in ChAZ are pawns in a much larger game, which is played by the ruling elite, which many of them want to overthrow.

All that is needed is one provocateur, one guy with a rifle and storytelling.

If after four years of observing this escalation in the United States, there is something completely clear, then it is that Trump’s enemies will not do anything worse.

Because, after all, it is much more than Trump. We are talking about the transfer of the United States into an insolvent political and economic state. Economic destruction is already in full swing thanks to the continued insanity of COVID-19.

The new standard for masks and social distance emphasizes the sheer cowardice of the corporate management class and the complicity of corporate leadership, as noted by the saker in a recent postHe asks the question that if money is not the goal of this corporate “mafia worship” that is at stake.

The answer, of course, is strength:

In particular, the deep state of the United States – in a large fraction in this deep state – is clearly desperate to get rid of Trump (and not only for the right reasons, of which there are many).

There are many signs that Trump is even losing control of the executive branch, including Secretary of State Esper, who contradicts Trump on the key issue of restoring law and order, or the US ambassador to South Korea expressing support for BLM (I believe that these actions by senior officials are against treason commander). It goes without saying that Demis supporters in Shale immediately began to dream and call for a military rebellion against Trump.

And this new standard now divides Americans into yet another vector, much more subtle than wearing a MAGA hat or a bumper sticker to “coexist” on their hybrid.

And that is precisely why I think that there will be some kind of event in the PrEA similar to the Maidan if President Trump continues to abandon the bait and metaphorically throw tanks to break it.

But ultimately, this is not Trump’s work, it’s the work of local elected officials to provide property and livelihood services to their constituents. But this is not what is being demonstrated in Seattle.

This is not shown in New York, where Mayor Bill DeBlacio does his best to disarm and delegitimize his own police and rekindle tensions, allowing marauders to flare up, applying rules of social distance from Hasidic Jews trying to worship in the world,

This is a movie whose ending I saw before, and I did not like the previous time I watched it. What is sad is that the people who released this one are the same ones who released the previous ones.

This is a tragedy that, frankly, as I said about nausea. Trump invited him to do so because of his own weakness to resist the attackers, while at the same time conducting similar behavior against countries that he does not like – Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela.

No one in the international community will shed a single tear if Trump is toppled in November or during his second term. Many of us Americans recognize his shortcomings and what they have done, but still understand that an alternative to it is to restore the worst parts of the Empire.

His only true achievement to date is his tenure in power in the White House, where his power was constantly being destroyed almost to inappropriate. If he does not take significant steps to neutralize those who stand behind PrEA, he will be at fault when he explodes.


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