July 4, 2020
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Instagram co-founder, who created the coronavirus tracker, says it shows the level of spread

Instagram co-founder, who created the coronavirus tracker, says it shows the level of spread

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Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom told CNBC on Monday that the coronavirus tracking site he helped create shows distribution levels in many US states.

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Epidemiologists use what is called R0 or R-Zero to measure how the virus spreads. For example, R naught 1 means that the average person infected with the virus will need to spread it to another person; a higher R value means that the virus will spread exponentially.

Systrom said his site, rt.live reports the estimated transmission rate, or Rt, in each state. The metric Rt obtained from R naught is designed to measure the transmission rate in a particular population and at a specific point in time.

Speaking at the Squawk Box, Systrom said that in 34 US states, the estimated transmission rate of coronavirus is above 1.0, which is defined on RTLive as a sign of the rapid spread of the virus. A value less than 1.0 means that the spread will stop.

“So you have an incredible bounce,” Systrom said. “People like to say that we are not on the second wave. I do not know what the second wave is [is] if it’s not the second wave. “

Researchers generally believe that the United States remains in the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic. To be defined as a second wave, the virus would have to back off and reappear, or a new variant would have to appear, Columbia University’s Jan Lipkin told CNBC earlier this month. He added that nothing had happened.

Nevada has the highest estimated transmission speed of 1.64, according to rt.live Monday morning. Montana and Florida rated transfer rates of 1.41 and 1.4, respectively. Lowest Estimated Areas Connecticut and Washington., each at 0.77. Massachusetts is the next lowest at 0.81.

“Check out a lot of sites. Triangulation for yourself

Almost two years ago, Systrom left Facebook, which acquired Instagram for $ 1 billion in 2012. Unlike Instagram, he said rt.live was designed to become a public resource for the American public during a pandemic, providing people with up-to-date information on how the virus spreads in their condition.

However, he emphasized that Rt, baud rate, is the “one metric of many” that people should use. Rt.live gets its data from Covid Tracking Project, Systrom said. He recommended that people also rely on data from the state health department. “Check out the many sites. Triangulate yourself, because these are all models, ”he added.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, told CNBC that rt.live is valuable because it “gives you an idea of ​​what new cases are telling you.”

“It is very difficult to simply interpret from daily reports of new cases what this means with respect to whether the epidemic is spreading and how fast it is spreading,” Gottlieb told Squawk Box in Systrom.

Florida recorded a record number of 9,636 new infections on Saturday, and another 8,577 on Sunday. On Sunday, Republican Florida Governor Ron De Santis accused young people of communicating. Miami Dade and Broward counties close their beaches for the weekend of July 4.

The total number of cases in the United States exceeded 2.55 million, according to Johns Hopkins University on Monday with deaths approaching 126,000. The total number of cases in the world is close to 10.2 million with over 500,000 deaths.

Disclosure: Scott Gottlieb is an employee of CNBC and a member of the board of directors Pfizer, genetic testing of startup Tempus and a biotechnology company Illumina


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