July 9, 2020
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Indian ride-hailing giant Ola adds tipping option to its app globally – TechCrunch

Indian ride-hailing giant Ola adds tipping option to its app globally – TechCrunch

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Now you can tip Ola Driver. On Tuesday, an Indian giant specializing in horse riding announced that it introduced this feature to its users in India, Australia, New Zealand and the UK – in all countries where it currently operates.

AliExpress WW

Ola said that riders in every market will see a range of denominations that they can choose as the amount they want to tip digitally. According to a TechCrunch spokesperson, he plans to allow riders to pay a certain amount of their choice within a few weeks.

All 2.5 million Ola partners around the world — from those who work on two-wheeled vehicles to four — can tip, said a nine-year-old giant riding a bicycle.

The addition of this feature occurs when Ola hopes to expand its efforts to help its driver partners, who have suffered financially in recent weeks after New Delhi and several other governments around the world. forced blocking to restrain the spread of coronavirus,

Uber the first Some U.S. states have a rollover feature. in 2017 and since then expanded to many other states and nations. Earlier this year, she posted tips for her users in India.

Driving partners on both platforms have long been expressing the need for a special opportunity after both companies have gradually reduced the incentives that they offered in the early years.

“From the very start of the pandemic, our driver partners worked tirelessly to provide the necessary travel for all those in need, despite the fact that they face their own problems. As services resume, they continue to personally invest in the safety of their customers and provide a comfortable trip experience, ”said Anand Subramanyan, Ola representative.

“By linking awards to high-quality services, we invite our customers to join us to share our appreciation and support them in these difficult times. The new functionality will not only give drivers the opportunity to increase their income, but will also demonstrate how a small gesture of solidarity and support from customers will make our community of partner drivers go a long way, ”he said.

In recent months, Ola has announced a number of assistance packages, including a rental exemption, to help its driver partners. Also has strives to provide drivers with partners with a few hundred dollars if they or their family members gave a positive result on Covid-19. Uber has not yet offered any significant assistance to his driver partners in India.

Like their driver partners, Ola and Uber also suffered from a global pandemic. Ola said last month reduction of 1,400 jobs, or 35% of the workforce in India. A few days later, Uber said it was elimination of 600 jobs, or 25% of its local workforce, in the nation. India is a key overseas market for Uber.


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