July 4, 2020
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Indian PM Narendra Modi Breaks Silence After Deadly Border Skirmish With China

Indian PM Narendra Modi Breaks Silence After Deadly Border Skirmish With China

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After 24 hours of silent silence, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his first statement. deadly border clash between the Indian and Chinese forces that left 20 Indian soldiers died.

AliExpress WW

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India would not allow the sacrifices made by its soldiers to become useless. India will protect its territory and integrity before adding that India is a “culturally peaceful nation and cooperates with neighboring countries: Modi wants to make India’s integrity and sovereignty our top priorities, and no one can stop India from protecting it” . ,

Modi promised that India will protect the country’s land and its integrity, although a diplomatic decision will be made to prevent further violence, although India reserves the right to retaliate in the event of a provocation.

The opposition opposition party, led by Rahul Gandhi, the heir to the Nehru-Gandhi political family, repeatedly criticized the prime minister for his silence and positioned it as part of a model of weakness shown during previous border clashes (which seems to be happening more and more under the Hindu nationalist government of Modi).

The party demanded more responses from Modi, including a more complete explanation of what caused the shootout.

The meeting, which was obviously focused on the outbreak of the coronavirus, was attended by Modi and the chief ministers of 15 Indian states and territories, and a 2-minute minute of silence was held in honor of 20 Indian soldiers killed during a border clash yesterday.

At the same time, Chinese state media reported in early Wednesday about the People’s Liberation Army of live fire drill in Tibet, as tensions with India escalated after a deadly clash on the disputed Himalayan border. It seems that the exercises were carried out after a deadly clash.

Referring to China’s state-owned media, SCMP reported that the exercise simulated the removal of enemy fortified positions through a joint operation with a brigade (about 7,000 soldiers) of soldiers on a plateau 4700 m high. Tanks, artillery, missiles and electronic equipment participated in the exercises communication.

The message followed the deadly battle in the Galvan Valley on Monday between India-controlled Ladakh and the Chinese Aksai Chin. Although how we reported back in mayIn recent weeks, tensions on the border between the two regional nuclear-weapon superpowers have escalated, resulting in a shootout.


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