July 8, 2020
AliExpress WW

In the Austrian resort, coronavirus was detected in half of the inhabitants

AliExpress WW
Scientists at the University of Innsbruck conducted a large-scale study in the famous Ischgl ski resort in Austria.

Locals tested on coronavirus and found that 42% of people have antibodies to the virus, which means that they have all been ill.

AliExpress WW

According to experts, one of the largest outbreaks of coronavirus infection in Austria was recorded at the resort. According to the results of this study, it can be assumed that at least half of the inhabitants got the virus.

Most likely, local bars became the main places of infection. The largest number of infected were detected at the height of the epidemic in Europe. The first confirmed case was recorded in early March. Tourists from Iceland could bring to the Austrian resort of coronavirus.

According to researchers, a serious outbreak at the resort could have been avoided if the local authorities imposed strict quarantine, but they introduced restrictive measures for only one week. And tourists infected in this place carried the coronavirus throughout Europe.

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