July 11, 2020
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Hunters raises $15M Series A for its threat-hunting platform – TechCrunch

Hunters raises $15M Series A for its threat-hunting platform – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Hunters, a Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity startup that helps businesses protect themselves from intruders and analyze attacks, today announced that it has raised $ 15 million in a round of financing from Microsoft M12 and the USA. Venture partners. Seed Investors YL Ventures and Blumberg Captial also participated in this round, as well as new investor Okta Ventures, the venture department of the identity provider Okta. With this, the Hunters have now collected a total of 20.4 million dollars,

AliExpress WW

The company’s SaaS platform mainly automates the search for threats that have traditionally been performed manually. The general idea is to get as much data as possible from various network tools and enterprise security tools to detect hidden attacks.

“Hunters is essentially this layer, the cognitive layer or connective tissue that you put on top of the telemetry stack,” Uri May, co-founder and CEO of Hunters, told me. “So you have [endpoint detection and response]your firewalls, the cloud, the sensors of the production environment – and they all take telemetry and detection throughout the organization, generating huge amounts of data. And, in fact, our place in the world depends on our ability to generate this delta. Therefore, without the ability to find things that you don’t see with a single solution or without real acceleration of the response procedures and work processes by non-trivial correlation of things, we have no justification for existence. But we did it very well – to show this delta – and we attracted customers – beautiful logos – and this was a very strong confirmation. “

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Hunters’ first customer was Snowflake’s data management service, which served as the company’s design partner. In addition to being a customer, Snowflake also includes Hunters. affiliate platform, just like CrowdStrike Security ServiceMay also noted that Crowdstrike is a good example of who the shopper is hunting for.

“Not necessarily Global 2000 or Fortune 500. These are really high-class mid-sized organizations, not necessarily tens of thousands of employees, but billions of dollars of revenue, a lot of risk born in the cloud, a super mature technology stack, not necessarily a large security operations center, but definitely CISO and a team of security engineers and analysts, and they are looking for a solution, this is a top-end solution that can understand a lot of data and give them confidence and also give them results in terms of cybersecurity, position and their ability to detect and respond. ”

Microsoft already has a major security development center in Israel, and therefore it is not surprising that the Hunters appeared on the company’s radar. The hunters also spent some time actively exploring the Microsoft ecosystem, May told me, but the company’s venture capitalists also made some introductions. All this led to a series of meetings at the CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv in January and the RSA conference in San Francisco in February, shortly before the coronavirus pandemic virtually stopped traveling.

Hunters says it will use the new funding to build its ability to enter the US market and expand its research and development team in Israel. As for the product itself, the company will try to expand its product integration capabilities and machine learning capabilities in order to create more effective attack histories. May also noted that he plans to provide his users with the ability to customize the system to their needs, allowing them to develop their own signals and detections to expand the company’s standard tools. This, May argued, would allow the company to look for larger corporate clients who already have threat search groups but who seek to automate most of the process. At the same time, he will also strive for partnership with other security companies in order to use his system to provide better services to his clients.


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