July 6, 2020
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How to resist coronavirus? The advice of American scientists

AliExpress WW
The severity of the course of COVID-19 disease completely depends on the person’s immunity and the state of his respiratory system, which is most vulnerable to this infection. In order to counter the coronavirus, scientists from the American Lung Association advised to cleanse the lungs in advance.

What is the secret of such cleaning? And how to spend it? This is entirely feasible at home. Any inhalation is very effective for her. In principle, it is enough just to breathe steam, and the body’s work will improve.

AliExpress WW

Another effective way to normalize the functions of the respiratory system is to consume green tea more often. It contains polyphenols, which minimize the likelihood of inflammation in the lungs. Experts advise drinking green tea at least one cup each day. Mint has a good healing effect, so it should be added to the drink. Especially in the evening. Since it also calms the nervous system.

Some spices possess high protective properties against all kinds of infections. Particular attention should be paid to turmeric. Just do not abuse it too much. Honey is also useful during mass epidemics.

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