July 5, 2020
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How To Deal With China - "Made In America"

How To Deal With China – “Made In America”

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Posted by Lawrence Franklin through the Gesteston Institute,

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The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party was not pleased to hear call from Australia for a global investigation into the origin of the Covid-19 virus and the possible role of China in it.

Australia also requested an investigation outside the purview of the World Health Organization (WHO), which was Spread falsehood and misinformation about virus transmission. China seems to have have decided that Australia’s insistence on independent research is in violation of their bilateral relationship. Indeed, over the past three decades, the Australian economy has been supported by expanding commercial ties with China. These relations have now deteriorated, and China is threatening Australia with an economic war if it does not revise its curious foreign policy.

Overcoming the threat, China hit 80% rate on Australian barley and threatened boycott of Australian wine and beef, Australian Foreign Minister Marisa Payne rejects any such attempt economic coercion,

The attacks of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on politics and politicians in Australia have since become even more harsh and personal. Public accounts in China’s social networks are called Australiachewing gum stuck to China shoes“and proposed that the head of the Australian government was hit in the head of a kangaroo, In addition, China’s national security agents tried to silence independent Chinese-language media in Australia. pressure on advertisers withdraw their sponsorship.

It seems that Beijing’s threats to punish Australia part of the increasingly aggressive, aggressive approach of Chinese officials not only to Australia, but also to India, Taiwan and China’s neighbors in the Pacific. The CCP receives growing resistance from the Pacific countries to China’s aggressive expansionism. Nevertheless, China will continue to use all the levers of its influence in Australia and, most likely, in other places, in its interests. China, for example, may send lobbyists to pressure Australian businessmen who have benefited from economic cooperation with China in the past to persuade political leaders to disavow criticism of China for its treatment of the COVID-19 virus.

However, China’s decision to play hardball with Australia may be erroneous. The Chinese communist regime may have made the wrong conclusions about what they could hope for, Australia’s reluctance to defend its values ​​in the Free World and its belief that such values ​​are more important than short-term economic advantage.

Australia still needs to reduce its economic vulnerability to China. Removing oneself from a network of relationships that entangle Australia can break out of dragon’s clawsAustralian Meat Exporters May Increase Pork Supplies To Japan, Vietnam And Other Southeast Asian Neighbors. Australia, unlike China, maintains cordial relations with all members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Australia can use these warm diplomatic ties to maximize win-win trade.

Australian political leaders could also create tax incentives to stimulate large investment by Australian business leaders in Indian enterprises, especially in the defense industry. Australia can also separate from Chinese supply lines by moving them to other advanced economies in the region, such as South Korea and Singapore. Australia can stimulate the wholesale import of computer and electrical products from other East Asian manufacturers of these products., Australians could no longer decide export uranium to China from its own mines in the Northern Territory and elsewhere, and thereby cease service to China plans to build About 100 nuclear power plants by 2025. Australia may well find a voluntary alternative consumer in India.

Australia sent a clear signal to China on June 10, strengthening defense ties with India, China’s rival for Asian leadership. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a video conference announced that the two countries had formed as a bulwark against Chinese expansionism in Asia. integrated strategic partnershipAustralian Secretary of Defense Linda Reynolds praised agreements that will ensure the compatibility of weapons systems and will facilitate the exchange of defense technologies.

Australia is now ready to become a full partner in Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)joint defense information dialogue, consisting of the USA, Japan, India and Australia. Australia likely to take part in India sponsored Malabar military exerciseswhich focuses on how India and Australia can better patrol international straits vital for trade in the region using military installations on the Indian and Australian coastal islands and atolls.

China may continue to scream, but Australia will remain connected to the West as a nation that adheres to democratic political and market economic values. Australian soldiers fought along with US troops in all major conflicts after the First World War. For example, soldiers of the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) were among the first deploy in Afghanistan after September 11The common values ​​between Australians and Americans – and their ability to continue to exist as members of the Free World – should be a much more powerful magnet than short-term profit.

The only real solution for China’s duplicity and aggression would be for Western countries — all 186 countries that suffered from China’s lies during the Covid-19 pandemic — to break all ties with China and start a firm Made in America policy. or “Made anywhere other than China” to show voluntary independence from a country that openly seeks dominate the world,

China – perhaps hoping that everyone will be sufficiently distracted by the virus released by the Chinese Communist Party, as well as “free gifts” from China, which in their compromise for freedom promise to be fatal – is clearly on the march. The world may recall that it would be much easier to stop Hitler before he crossed the Rhine.


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