July 7, 2020
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Google adds local COVID-19 news coverage to its Google News app in pilot test – TechCrunch

Google adds local COVID-19 news coverage to its Google News app in pilot test – TechCrunch

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Google will test a new way to disseminate local COVID-19 pandemic news in its Google News app. In partnership with regional news feeds in some cities in the United States, the Google News app will now offer a dedicated section in selected markets that will contain important information such as community opening dates, business news, school openings, and local health infrastructure information. public transportation, activities and ways to help families in need.

AliExpress WW

When launched, a new feature is available to readers in Raleigh, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Columbus, Portland, Cleveland, Myrtle Beach, Albany, Sarasota, Cap Girardeau, Richmond, Memphis, Cincinnati, Boston, New York, Baltimore , Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and Minneapolis.

To access recently added local information, application users click on the COVID-19 banner, which directs them to the existing section on the coverage of coronavirus outbreaks. They will then scroll down to find the new Local News section directly below the Main News section.

This new section will not be displayed if the user’s city or city is not already covered. However, you can force this section to be displayed by selecting one of the supported cities and making it your city in the Google News app.

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To deliver this local information, Google works in partnership with 21 news organizations for supported markets, including Raleigh’s News & Observer, NOLA.com, CBS Chicago, Oregon Live, and Gothamist, among others. News organizations should already provide this information to COVID-19 as a summary. For example, this page from The News & Observer offers a short list of marker updates that Google can easily republish in the Local News section of the Google News app.

The app still allows users to switch to local publishing to learn more.

Google tells us that all publishers will have to offer news of a similar format, which will be included at this time. In other words, Google does not automatically create brief summaries of news articles to fill out this section.

The local COVID-19 news feed is currently undergoing pilot testing, but Google plans to expand coverage in the US and Canada in the future. He also plans to offer this feature outside of the Google News mobile app itself.

To some extent, this add-on allows Google to offer its own version of the Facebook Community Help function, which is a social network. expanded in March due to the crisis of COVID-19. Today, the Facebook center provides users with the opportunity to receive information on how a coronavirus outbreak affects their local region and what they can do to help. The Google function also appears at the moment when Flipboard again splashed onto the scene. with its new emphasis on local lighting, including coronavirus updates.

And, of course, there is a direct competitor to the Google News application, the Apple News application. Apple News has also added its own look at local coverage with the City Guides section in its special COVID-19 coverage area. These city guides are aimed at providing the necessary knowledge about testing, resources, jobs and much more for large metro stations in the USA.

In addition to updating the Google News app, Google reports that it recently expanded access to local news in Search and the Google Assistant.

Now, when people search for coronavirus information on Google Search, they see both a top news merry-go-round and a new highlighted local news merry-go-round. Google has also expanded its new carousel by highlighting the best tweets from local and health authorities in more than 30 countries.

In the meantime, users can request information about local coronaviruses from the Google Assistant, saying something like “Hello Google, play news about the coronavirus in Boston” in some markets.

Google also provided financial assistance to local news organizations in connection with the crisis of COVID-19, recently provided new funds to more than 5300 local news organizations around the world, ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 dollars. The company said it expects to spend “tens of millions” through the Journalists Emergency Relief Fund. In addition, Google recently launched Support Local News Campaign Encourage people and businesses to subscribe, donate, and advertise with local news agencies in the US and Canada.


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