July 7, 2020
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Gilead Will Charge More Than $3,000 For A Course Of COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir

Gilead Will Charge More Than $3,000 For A Course Of COVID-19 Drug Remdesivir

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All these stories that tens of thousands of dollars were billed for patients for care associated with coronavirus evoked promises from the White House that “everything will be covered.” However, as thousands of Americans complain about allegations of testing COVID-19 and providing medical care to their insurance companies, Gilead, a pharmaceutical company that pushed remdesivir into the throat of the world, despite the fact that the cheap steroid dexamethasone proved – at least at least one high-quality study, more effective in reducing mortality, has just published the expected price course for a five-dose course.

AliExpress WW

Gilead unveiled its Gilead plan on Monday as it prepares to start charging for the drug early next month (several international governments have already placed orders). Given the high demand, partly due to the fact that the media, despite the still dubious data from a study of the drug caused by holding their breath, Gilead seems to consider it justified to charge $ 3,120 for the patient getting a shorter more common treatment, and $ 5,720 for a longer course of treatment. more seriously ill patients. These are the prices for patients with commercial insurance in the USA, according to the official Gilead tariff plan.

As usual, the price charged to those included in government plans will be lower, and hospitals will also receive a small discount. In addition, according to Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day, the United States is the only developed country where Gilead charges two prices. In most countries in Europe and Canada, governments are negotiating drug prices directly with drug manufacturers (in the United States, laws require drug manufacturers to “discount” their drugs for health insurance plans and drug treatment plans).

But, according to O’Day, the price of the drug is “much lower than the cost that it brings” to the healthcare system.

However, we argue that this is actually not the case. Remdesivir was developed by Gilead to treat Ebola, but the FDA never approved this drug for this use, which caused Gilead to delay the drug until COVID-19 presents another opportunity. Even before the first study ended, the company had already promoted the promising nature of the drug. Meanwhile, CDC, WHO and other organizations question the effectiveness of steroid drugs.

Months later, the only study of a dexomethasone steroid, a cheap steroid costing less than $ 100 per 100-dose dose, showed that dexomethasone is the only drug that has been shown to be effective in reducing mortality associated with COVID-19. Remdesivir, although it has been tested in several high-quality trials, does not.

So why is the US government in partnership with Gilead still pushing these dubious and incredibly expensive drugs to the public?


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