July 8, 2020
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French contact-tracing app StopCovid has been activated 1.8 million times but only sent 14 notifications – TechCrunch

French contact-tracing app StopCovid has been activated 1.8 million times but only sent 14 notifications – TechCrunch

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France released StopCovid three weeks agoThe government is holding a press conference today to give updated information about the app. In particular, this conference is a good opportunity to share some figures.

AliExpress WW

Over the past three weeks, 1.9 million people have downloaded the app on the App Store or Play Store. Out of 1.9 million people, 1,814,048 users opened the application and activated StopCovid.

You can disable StopCovid and delete your personal data at any time. Over the past three weeks, 23,953 people have disabled the app. And 460,000 people just uninstalled the application.

Given that the application does not ask you to register with your name and address, the government has little information about who uses the application and where. The government will conduct surveys to find out more.

Over the past week alone, 190,000 people downloaded the application, but tens of thousands of people removed it. The government says that people may feel that the outbreak of coronavirus in France is over – there are still new cases every day, so this is far from the end.

“The application works well. In short, we can find most of the contacts that we need to find, “said Cedric O., digital minister of France.” If I regret this, it is obvious that it is not compatible with other European countries. “

Downloading is one thing. But StopCovid did not result in a lot of notifications. Only 68 StopCovid users said they were diagnosed with COVID-19-positive in the app. The server received 205 social interactions from these 68 cases.

As a result, StopCovid sent only 14 notifications in the last three weeks.

“This is not the end of the story,” said Cedric O. “We continue to improve the application.”

If you use StopCovid and are diagnosed with COVID-19-positive, your hospital or testing center will give you a QR code or a string of letters and numbers. You can open the application and enter this code to share a list of ephemeral identifiers of the people you have been talking with over the past two weeks.

The back end then marks all these temporary identifiers as belonging to people who were potentially exposed to the coronavirus. Again on the server, each user is associated with a risk assessment. If it exceeds a certain threshold, the user is notified. Then the application recommends passing the test and following the official instructions.

Among other things, the government says that the application has processed a very small number of notifications because very few people mark themselves as COVID-19-positive in the application. This is why testing tools will send you an email in addition to submitting a QR code in the coming weeks. This way you will get another reminder.

In the French regions with the most cases (“orange” and “red” zones), the government will make it easier for you to identify yourself as COVID-19-positive. For example, a general practitioner will be able to tell you directly to tag himself in the app.

“In their current states, European applications are not compatible with each other. Today there is some work to work on European compatibility, but there is no compatibility between Italian and German applications, ”said Cedric O.

France does not rely on Apple and the Google Contact API. Using German and Italian applications as an example, Cédric O wants to abandon the idea that you need to use Apple and the Google Contact Tracking API to create a European contact tracking application. Even if you use this API, you still need to adapt your application to work with other applications.

But this does not mean that the contact tracking application in France will be able to communicate with other European applications at all. Inria CEO Bruno Sportissé said the French development team is working on it. But it seems like Inria wants to push through a new iteration of her protocol, A WISH,

“We are working with Spanish and German teams to implement the concept of this new protocol so that it can be released in the first half of July,” Sportisse said. Learn more about DESIRE and other European protocols from Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch:


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