July 5, 2020
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Florida, Texas, and Arizona are among 22 states reporting an increase in coronavirus cases; Oklahoma listed

Florida, Texas, and Arizona are among 22 states reporting an increase in coronavirus cases; Oklahoma listed

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Almost half of US states report a surge in new coronavirus cases of concern among health workers, as most of the country is phasing in.

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Oklahoma is one of 22 states where the number of cases is increasing daily as officials discuss security measures for President Donald Trump’s election campaign on Saturday in Tulsa. Florida, Texas and Arizona saw the sharpest surge.

In Florida, there was another record day on Tuesday with 2783 additional confirmed cases of coronavirus, the largest increase in one day, which led to an increase in the total number of states for 80,000.

According to the State Department of Health, an additional 55 deaths resulted in 2,993 deaths with COVID-19.

Florida has been on the rise for two weeks, consistent with the expansion of the economic opportunities of the state of Ron De Santis and an increase in the daily number of tests for the virus.

Almost 1.5 million tests were performed in the state, about 5.5% of which turned out to be positive for coronavirus. Although this level of positivity began to decline in May, it has increased slightly for most of the days since DeSantis pushed the state to open on June 5, with the exception of the South Florida counties, where the disease was most common.

In Florida, there were 15 consecutive days for an additional 1,000-plus daily incidents, with unprecedented more than 2,000 daily incidents reported on Saturday and Sunday until the last record.

Although public health officials attributed the increase in incidence, at least in part, to social interactions allowed in many states, DeSantis cited more clustered outbreaks as a driving force in his state.

Florida: Restaurants are not required to report employees who have tested positive for COVID-19

He is not the only governor seeking to calm his state. On Tuesday in Texas, 3,358 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded, a record high.

Governor Greg Abbott sought to increase prospects by attributing numbers to specific counties reporting large batches of tests, particularly from prisons and life support centers, which could distort numbers across the state.

He gave no indication that an increase in the number of cases and hospital admissions would slow the pace of recovery in the state’s economy.

About 2,500 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized in Texas on Tuesday. For the fifth consecutive day, the state has a record number of hospitalizations.

Despite a sharp increase in hospital admissions compared to a month earlier, Abbott said there were 14,993 beds in the state, so “this is really a very small percentage of all available beds.”

Texas Democrats accused the Republican Governor of mismanaging the pandemic.

“This is a direct result of the weak and reckless leadership of Governor Abbott,” said Abhi Rahman, a spokesman for the state party.

Trump Rally Tulsa: Oklahoma Health Commissioner says event participants face “increased” risk of coronavirusTO

Most businesses in the state are allowed to work at 50% bandwidth — 75% for restaurants — but Austin’s crowded bar videos hit the headlines, and several weekends were closed on Memorial Day weekend due to overcrowding.

On Tuesday, Arizona reported a record number of 2,341 new cases of COVID-19, which was the state’s first report of more than 2,000 new cases in one day, according to the state.

In hospital beds for people with suspicion and confirmation of COVID-19 on Monday, a record figure was reached: 1,506 patients, according to the hospital reported to the state and posted on its website on Tuesday.

Used ICU beds, used fans and emergency room visits for COVID-19 also reached record levels on Monday.

At a briefing last week, Governor Doug Ducey focused on hospital capabilities, saying that while the number of positive cases of COVID-19 is increasing, Arizona hospitals are ready to serve more patients.

Ducey blamed the “misinformation” about hospitals, which he said were doing well.

“Waste Detection, Fraud”: Watchdog timers warn of potential problems with coronavirus costs for $ 2.4 thousand.

Bad Leadership: Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized for accusing young residents of distributing COVID-19

A few days before Trump’s election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma experienced a surge in cases of coronavirus – 186 reported on Monday.

The rally will be held in the BOK Center, a closed room that seats about 19,000 people. In Washington, Trump said the conference room near the BOK Center will be used for overflowing, and this can accommodate 40,000 people.

Trump’s campaign announced this week that masks and hand sanitizer will be distributed to those present and temperatures checked. It is not necessary to wear masks.

Oklahoma State Health Commissioner Lance Fry advises people to get tested before and after the rally scheduled for saturday evening and take the usual measures to stay safe, including wearing face covers and minimizing social interactions.

States with growth coronavirus cases

  • Alabama: Cases of coronavirus have risen sharply since early June. Seven-day average number of cases more than doubled in 10 days. On June 5, the daily average was 292; on Monday it was 758.

  • Alaska: The state reported 29 confirmed cases of coronavirus on Saturday, the largest number of new cases reported by the state since he started reporting daily cases in March.

  • Arkansas: As of noon on Monday, 13,191 confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded, according to Department of Health.

  • California: Although sports halls, bars, cinemas and other institutions received a green light to open their doors, data showed Friday, in 90% of state counties, the outbreak is accelerating.

  • Georgia: The numbers released on Tuesday show an average of 777 infections recorded in the last 14 days, the highest level since April. The number of infected people in the hospital has been growing over the past 10 days, reaching 875 on Tuesday.

  • Hawaii: As of Tuesday, according to the Hawaii Department of Health, 740 people tested positive for coronavirus and 17 died.

  • Idaho: Health officials reported more than 3,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in at least 35 of 44 districts; 78 new cases were reported on Tuesday.

  • Kentucky: Mass testing for coronavirus is conducted in a women’s prison after at least 14 people have become infected with the virus, Governor Andy Beshir’s administration said Monday.

  • Louisiana: Superdome officials said COVID-19 positive tests were back for 32 workers who signed stadium repair contracts, according to a statement released Tuesday at the Louisiana State Stadium.

  • Missouri: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that cases coming from rural areas accounted for about 30% of new cases in the state, and this is a larger proportion than ever before.

  • Montana: Five new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Tuesday, bringing the total number of staff to 614. The state completed 63,577 tests., which is 2640 more than reported on Monday,

  • Nevada: State reported the single highest increase in new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, adding 379 cases to the total. The previous one-day jump record was 295 new cases on May 22.

  • North Carolina: On Tuesday, government officials reported another record number of virus-related hospital admissions: 829. The number of positive cases exceeded 45,850, and there have been more than 1,150 deaths since the pandemic.

  • Oregon: Church in rural northeastern Oregon located in the center of the largest coronavirus outbreak in the state: 236 people tested positive for the disease, Authorities said on Tuesday.

  • South Carolina: Department of Health and Environmental Monitoring on Tuesday reported 595 new cases of coronavirus and five additional deaths.

  • Utah: There were four deaths and 295 new cases reported Monday, The state has counted more than 14 600 cases and more than 1000 hospitalizations from COVID-19,

  • Virginia: Department of Health 445 new cases of coronavirus were reported on Tuesday, bringing the state to 55.331 cases. There were 5,643 hospitalizations and 1,570 deaths, compared with 18 from Monday.

  • Wyoming: Governor Mark Gordon said the state has 237 active casesalthough the number fell below 200, The promotion is due to a public meeting where the rules of social distance have not been respected, the state health official said.

Assistance: Nicole Cobbler, statesman from Austin, USA; Alison Steinbach, Republic of Arizona; Associated Press

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