July 4, 2020
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Florida Nears 100k Mark As US Reports Largest Jump In Daily COVID-19 Cases In 7 Weeks: Live Updates

Florida Nears 100k Mark As US Reports Largest Jump In Daily COVID-19 Cases In 7 Weeks: Live Updates

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Only a few hours are left before the opening of US stock futures on Sunday evening. The terrible situation in the American South and the West seems to have worsened. In accordance with counting the Washington Post Of the coronavirus data released by each state on Saturday, 8 states on Saturday reported their highest rates of one-day cases since the start of the pandemic, and the number of new infections in the United States exceeded 30,000 for the second day in a row (both Friday and Saturday). The United States does not regularly record 30,000 Cases of COVID-19 per day for seven weeks. And while New York and the surrounding states, which bore the brunt of the outbreak – or at least the first wave), did not see a dangerous rise in new cases.

AliExpress WW

South and West states, including Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Washington, Nevada and Missouri, set records for confirmed cases in one day, and 13 states set new highs for their 7-day averages.

On Sunday, Florida reported an additional 3,494 new cases, bringing the total number of states to 97,291. Although Sunday broke the number of daily records, it is still well above the 7-day average in recent weeks, leaving the state on track to pass the mark of 100 thousand tomorrow

Florida will be the seventh state to be held 100 thousand. After New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts.

Source: New York Times

In accordance with New York Times, 22 states were listed on the “increase” tab of his coronavirus tracker.

In addition, while the Washington Post reported that the first iterations of COVID-19 tests distributed by the CDC nationwide in March and April were so inaccurate that they were virtually worthless, a choir of democratic critics led by Joe Biden against President Trump. because of the remark he made during yesterday’s rally in Tulsa when he suggested that he force the CDC to suspend testing in the early days of the outbreak.

Even if Trump was telling the truth (the president, of course, has a widely recognized tendency to exaggerate speaking at these rallies right now), the surge in testing in the early days of the outbreak may have only created more confusion. But many of the Democratic presidential critics have argued that Trump’s remarks have further reinforced the idea that he is putting the economy before protecting the lives of the most vulnerable Americans.

“The president said tonight that he had slowed down testing so that the number of victims was not worse,” Elizabeth Warren tweeted. “We still do not have a national testing strategy, and Trump’s plan is to bury his head. This is a fatal failure. “

Outside the United States, Spain officially entered the next phase of its opening plan on Sunday, which included tourists visiting most of Europe, but warning that social distance measures must be followed to avoid the second wave. Speaking shortly before the expiration of the three-month measures on Saturday at midnight, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez asked the country to beware.

“We will leave behind a state of anxiety and we will enter a new normality … our economy is starting to beat. We are in a situation where we can move forward. We cannot fall, ”he said.

After finally fighting an unexpectedly dangerous outbreak of control, Saudi Arabia lifted curfew and other restrictions on Sunday to curb its spread after 73 days of relatively restrictive containment, which also prevented millions of Muslim pilgrims from leaving the Holy Cities as a pilgrimage has been suspended. ,

In East Asia, South Korea reported 48 new cases of virus infection, of which 8 were imported, half from Bangladesh and half from Pakistan. South Korea announced on Saturday that it would limit travel from both countries.


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