July 3, 2020
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Fauci contradicts Trump COVID-19 claims:

Fauci to testify before Congress on the state of the coronavirus pandemic

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WASHINGTON – Dr. Anthony Fauci and other senior health officials will testify before Congress on Tuesday about the state of the coronavirus pandemic, two days after the Minister of Health and Human Services Alex Hazard warned that the “window is closing” for the United States to take control of the situation.

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Fauci, a leading infectious disease expert at National Institutes of Health, has repeatedly called on states to follow federal discovery guidelines, including in their last appearance before the Senate Health Committee when he warned in may this inability to do so would lead to “some suffering and death” that could have been avoided.

Today, half of the country is struggling to cope with the increasing incidence of COVID-19.

A number of states suspended their renewal of plans Last week, the United States set records for the number of new cases in one day. Texas closed bars and limited restaurant options, and Florida banned drinking at bars.

Experts say states that fail to do their job run the risk of overwhelming the health system again and infecting neighboring states that have already smoothed the curve.

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Fauci contradicts Trump COVID-19 claims: “We will conduct more tests, not less”
Fauci contradicts Trump COVID-19 claims: “We will conduct more tests, not less”

The White House often presents a clearer picture of the situation than what health officials describe.

When asked about Azar’s warning on Monday, White House spokeswoman Kaylee Makinani said the president was encouraged that there was a decrease in mortality and an increase in treatment effectiveness.

“These things make us uniquely prepared to cope with the growth of cases we have seen.” Makinani said,

Over 125,000 deaths in the USA from COVID-19 represent approximately 25% of deaths in the world.

Some experts predict that the death toll in the US by October 1 will reach nearly 180,000.

Testimony in front of the panel last weekAccording to Fauci, these two weeks are “critical” in how the country solves the growth problem in states such as Florida, Texas and Arizona.

He explained the “alarming surge in infections” by a number of factors, including an increase in human-to-human transmission or distribution in the community.

Since he was at a hearing last week, Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will join Fauci on Tuesday; Stephen Khan, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration; and Brett Jiuar, Assistant Secretary of Health and Health.

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This article originally appeared in the USA TODAY: Coronavirus: Dr. Anthony Fauchi will inform the Senate about the state of the pandemic


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