July 16, 2020
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Fauci: no second COVID-19 lock needed

Fauci: no second COVID-19 lock needed

AliExpress WW
Photo Illustration of The Daily Beast / Getty
Photo Illustration of The Daily Beast / Getty

Due to the fact that senior officials at the Trump White House announce their mission to slow the spread of coronavirus, the country’s leading infectious disease expert sounds more cautious.

AliExpress WW

There is no need to talk about avoiding the second wave of the pandemic, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, because the country also in the first.

“We see infections to a greater extent than they previously saw in some states, including states in the southwest and south,” said Fauchi. “I do not like to talk about the second wave now, because we have not come out of our first wave.”

Fauci’s comments during an interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday were very different from the triumphal tune sung by Mike Pence on the same day in Iowa when the vice president touted lower mortality rates and exclaimed: “We did it!” in relation to the alignment of the curve. And they come as counties across the country, including in states such as Arizona, California, North Carolina, Alabama and South Carolina, keep seeing cases of coronavirus and related hospitalizations are increasing.

Dr. Fauci emerges from the eclipse of the media and says that we will “see more” of Him

Fauci was not completely suppressed trajectory the country took. He said he did not consider it “inevitable” that the United States would see another wave of infections, and doubted that in April there would be another scene similar to New York, where officials report thousands of new cases a day and hospitals are crowded. with patients.

“Unfortunately, New York was really struck by surprise, because they actively came to this city from Europe, when everyone focused on China. They suddenly found that they had a massive outbreak, ”he said. “I don’t think this could happen in today’s circumstances, when we are fully aware of the potential of this virus, which is easily transmitted.”

Fauci also said that he did not believe that due to the spread of the virus, cities would have to be in a closed position again (after the opening process began). “I really don’t think so,” he said. And, he said, although there is still reason to worry about outbreaks Across the country, an increase in the number of cases can be controlled if states continue to maintain the virus.

“When you start to see the inevitable exceptions that you can see when you try to push forward mitigation measures and open … use public health measures to help you achieve your goal,” Fauchi said. “Namely, if you get new infections, you put in place, labor, a system … the ability to identify, isolate and track contacts so that you actually use public health measures to help you open up.”

A long-standing specialist in infectious diseases was clearly nervous because of the rush he rediscovered to see what he saw, showing on television the images of “people gathered in bars without masks.” And he did not embellish his concern about his boss – President Donald Trump – moving forward with plans for large-scale activityIncluding in cities with new or recurring outbreaks, such as Tulsa, Oklahoma and Phoenix, Arizona.

When asked if he would be present in person, Fosi answered “No.”

“I am in the high risk category. Personally, I would not. Of course not, ”he said, adding that when it comes to Trump rallies“ the outside is better than the inside, not a single crowd is better than the crowd ”and“ the crowd is better than a large crowd. ”

Tulsa Health Department Director: “If you want to stay safe don’t go” at Trump rally

Fauci’s comments lead to a political inflection over the pandemic. With the increasing number of cases, public health experts across the country began to call for consideration of secondary blockages. But many admit that not a single state leader may seem incomprehensible to really order.

In Texas, city leaders in Austin and Houston tried to fulfill local accommodation orders. But no one is allowed to impose anything more stringent than the orders of Governor Greg Abbott, and local officials are threatened legal action from some residents for attempting to wear a mask. In oklahoma and in arizonaWhere are the national public health experts aroused special attention to growing cases and with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo duplicating fortunes “Instructive story” for opening too quickly – President Trump’s plan reinforced his concern to resume mass rallies there.

Scientists and doctors have repeatedly stated that until the vaccine for coronavirus hits the market, the risk of spreading the infection will continue in communities across the country. Fauci noted that companies made it clear to the administration that the vaccine would not be ready until the first quarter of 2021.

According to Fauci, some of the companies, in particular, stated that by that time they could receive from 100 to 200 million doses. He declined to say whether he believes the vaccine should be free for public consumption. But he said he expected that without universal accessibility “you prioritize people with the highest risks. For example, medical workers who knowingly endanger themselves by helping to take care of people. In addition, those who have comorbidities that put them at greater risk may develop complications leading to poor outcomes. ”

Is this COVID-19 vaccine trial a promising start or a dead end?

Fouci’s interview with The Daily Beast happened in the middle of a resumed media tour. An infectious disease specialist has regularly appeared on television and at the White House briefing in the early stages of the pandemic. But in recent weeks, his public appearances have been limited, as have his conversations with President Trump.

Throughout the interview, he expressed reservations that his press appeals often boiled down to “sound bites,” which misinterpreted the meaning of his message. Usually chatty, Fauci asked questions several times, fearing that they would be in trouble.

He acknowledged that things are different now than when he faced other public health crises. And this is what made his work more complicated: the politicization of the virus.

“There are more back and forth … people of different political races who shoot at each other,” he said. “I do not think that this is more misinformation. It’s just a situation where we hope that all people will come together, and not, you know, be in a quarrel with each other. ”

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