July 10, 2020
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F-35 Stealth Jets "Elephant Walk" In Japan Amid Rising Sino-US Trade Tensions

F-35 Stealth Jets “Elephant Walk” In Japan Amid Rising Sino-US Trade Tensions

AliExpress WW

On the same day, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro told Fox News that the deal with China was “completed” (and immediately the White House canceled comments Navarro due to market fluctuations) – on Monday at a Japanese airbase with the participation of stealth fighters, a massive demonstration of force took place, probably aimed at China.

AliExpress WW

Navarro’s comments suggest that trading in the first phase is a problem. It also indicates growing tensions between the two countries over the origin of COVID-19 and China’s assertion of power over Hong Kong. At the moment, China significantly lags behind the goals of the first stage he promised, and, as we have already noted, Chinese buyers ditched US markets for Brazilian.

Now it’s hard to say that once Navarro made comments that the fleet of military aircraft performing an “elephant ride” at Misawa base in Japan was connected – but this, of course, implies that tension is heating up.

Readers may recall what the US built “F-35 circle of friends“In the Asia-Pacific region, mainly around China. Therefore, when elephant rides or military exercises are conducted in the area, this usually stimulates a war with China.

In accordance with Misawa Air BaseF-35 Invisible Aircraft from Japan Self-Defense (JASDF) joined the F-16, MC-130J and US Navy aircraft EA-18G, C-12 and P-8A for elephant rides, which is an exercise that prepares a military base for the upcoming attacks. The goal is for all fighters and bombers to be in the air for fifteen minutes.

Misawa officials photographed an elephant ride on June 22.

Earlier this year, an elephant ride with 52 Lockheed Martin F-35s was conducted at the Utah Hill Air Base, which was around the time tensions broke out between the US and Iran.

Although it’s hard to say whether elephant trekking in Japan on the same day as Navarro’s trading commentary is in any way, there is no doubt one thing, the tension between China and the US is likely to increase during the summer.


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