July 11, 2020
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Employee tracking is becoming more common and can do more harm than good.

Employee tracking is becoming more common and can do more harm than good.

AliExpress WW

Many people are stuck working at home.

AliExpress WW

According to a new survey77% of workers want to continue working from home at least once a week, when the coronavirus pandemic ends.

But many managers worry that employees will not work so much or so hard when they are not seen. Consequently, some are turning to “performance management” software to track their employees when they work from home.

One such software company, Prodoscore, said that after a potential pandemic, interest from potential customers increased by 600%. Another, TransparentBusiness, said that the number of users has grown by 500% from month to month.

“We take several data points, whether it’s the CRM tool they are currently using, a telephone system such as Vonage, an email system, it can be G Suite or Microsoft 365. We combine all these data points in real time time. “A proprietary dashboard that gives them a balanced assessment,” said Prodoscore CEO Sam Nafichi. “All this is recorded.”

But what impact do such systems have on workers? And are there limits to the way employers can track their employees in search of productivity?

“There are many employers who look at this and think that this is a real opportunity to change jobs,” said Jamie Woodcock, a senior lecturer at the Department of People and Organizations at Open University. “Will it benefit people who work and can now work in new ways? Or will it benefit employers who find new ways to get the most out of the time they bought to make people work even harder? ”

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