July 5, 2020
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Economic recovery plan should be linked to achieving a clean zero, says a meeting of citizens

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The civic assembly must state that the government should link economic recovery with measures that will help achieve the goal of net zero emissions when the UK breaks out of the blocking regime.

AliExpress WW

The UK Climate Assembly Interim Briefing1 invites the government to limit or set conditions for investment in high-carbon industries, rethink and invest in infrastructure, and support low-carbon industries.

There was also consensus that governments and employers should take steps to promote a lifestyle that is more compatible with achieving a clean zero, such as increasing homework and making changes to the way people go to work.

Assembly members said the Kovid 19 pandemic was an “opportunity” for change and an opportunity to restart the country’s economy on a greener path.

The UK Climate Assembly received an order from six bipartisan parliamentary selection committees in the UK to study how the UK should achieve its legally binding goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

108 participants were selected to represent the UK population in terms of demographics and level of concern about climate change. The meeting met face-to-face for three days off, starting in January 2020, and then over the Internet for three days off in April and May.

Assembly members wanted their views to influence the debate on the government’s economic recovery plan, and so they published their interim report now, and the final report came out in September. A statement by the Chancellor of the Treasury about economic incentives is expected before the summer break. On June 25, the Climate Change Committee will present an update on progress to Parliament, which will focus on the response to the Kovid-19 pandemic, and note the conclusion of the civilian assembly.

The briefing showed that 79% of the members of the meeting “completely agree” or “agree” that measures taken by the government to help the economy recover from the block should be aimed at achieving a clean zero. For example, there should be limits to the salvation of high-carbon industries such as oil companies and aviation, and any incentives should be linked to green commitments.

About 93% of the members of the meeting “strongly agree” or “agree” that, as the situation eases, the government, employers, and others should take steps to encourage lifestyle change so that it is more compatible with achieving a clean zero, for example, by increasing homework, encouraging and stimulating cycling, and reducing business travel.


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