July 4, 2020
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Doctors talk about politics, as the bursts of coronavirus: “No other country discusses masks”

Doctors talk about politics, as the bursts of coronavirus: “No other country discusses masks”

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New coronavirus diagnoses in the United States is growing rapidly – along with criticism of shreds of state and local policies that fail to prevent community transmission of the virus.

AliExpress WW

As Sun Belt claims Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas are becoming new COVID-19 pandemic epicentersattention has shifted to an increasingly polarized debate on protocols designed to contain new infections.

State restrictions gradually weakened, and the public for the most part adapted to life behind disguises, but not without shocks. Pew Research data released this week shows that at least 65% of Americans have accepted almost constant use of personal protective equipment (PES).

However, social distance and the use of masks in public places have become source of contention among those who feels that this violates their personal freedoms.

In a series of interviews, doctors at the forefront in the states where COVID-19 infection is exploding complained about the contradiction in absolute form. They argue that mixed messages from mayors, governors and President Donald Trump make it difficult for people to understand the need for disguise – especially because of infections among young citizens jump sharply,

“Honestly, the politicization of science is one of our incredible social failures. Science should not be politics, ”said Dr. Hilary Fairbrother, a physician in Houston, on Wednesday at finance. The Lone Star State is experiencing a record number of cases that threaten to overload health systems in major cities such as Dallas and Houston.

Fairbrotter said the debate was Hobson’s choice, in which there is no nuance, between those who want to “close the whole world for at least 3 years, until there is a coronavirus in any corner of the planet”, and others who are not concerned about the growth of the victim.

“There is no middle ground, no common sense or the application of good science,” she added. “I ask people to start listening to scientists and stop listening to politicians on all issues related to coronavirus.”

Over 2.3 Million Coronavirus Cases Reported in the US (Figure: David Foster / Yahoo Finance)
Over 2.3 Million Coronavirus Cases Reported in the US (Figure: David Foster / Yahoo Finance)

“A completely different culture”

When the outbreak first led to massive restrictions on social life, some experts warned that Americans – accustomed to constitutionally protected freedoms – were poorly prepared to accept how a strong pandemic will affect their quality of life,

These warnings turned out to be predictable in advance, as quarantine fatigue and protests against social injustice led many to abandon the anticoronavirus protection designed to bend the curve of new infections.

Many states, now at the forefront of the outbreak, are trying to balance human rights with the mandates of the public health crisis and are failing. Citizens as well as investors bet on the idea that the latest surge in infections will not lead to the resumption of restrictive home orders that will afflict the global economy.

“I’m not a specialist in constitutional law, but this is what happens when you try to use federalism at the scientific level,” said Dr. Murtaza Ahter, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Arizona. Grand Canyon State has almost 60,000 cases and about 1,500 deathsand was the center heated public debate about wearing masks in public.

“The fact that people still say,“ This is America, do what you want, ”is good from a legal or constitutional point of view, but from a public health and science point of view, it’s a terrible idea,” Ahter said.

“We have a completely different culture. There is no other country in the world that discusses masks, ”Ahter added. “People don’t even discuss seatbelts anymore … but discussing masks during a pandemic is so ironic that it’s hard to understand.”

Ahter, who accused the Arizona governor of “taking responsibility” for using masks, said the coronavirus “does not know the state, city, or national borders, it crosses all borders and all people. So the problem is that some people wear masks and others don’t wear them, that the threat is [of spreading] will still be there.

In Houston, where hospital facilities are approaching a critical point, the difficult situation has become an empirical study of how a lack of coordination of policies can lead to dire consequences. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been harshly criticized for downplaying the need for masks and allowing mayors to urge them to fulfill their mandate.

“The biggest concern is that we will lose control of the situation,” said Cedric Dark, assistant professor of Texas Baylor College of Medicine, in an interview with Yahoo Finance. He criticized Abbott’s decision to resume the economy in May, despite previously speculating that the state could halt the growth of COVID-19.

After the reopening, “these cases began to grow not only linearly, but also exponentially,” Dark said.

“If we don’t fight now, we will be forced to close everything [again]… I think people should understand this. We need to dial the number back and go back to where we were at the first stage, ”the doctor added.

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