July 9, 2020
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"Disturbing Parallel To HIV": COVID-19 Can Cause Depletion Of Important Immune Cells, NY Times Admits

“Disturbing Parallel To HIV”: COVID-19 Can Cause Depletion Of Important Immune Cells, NY Times Admits

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Once again, it seems that what once was sold as the “conspiracy theory” of Covid-19 on our site seemed to be accurate news is reported months before the mass media. Go figure it out.

AliExpress WW

As early as February 1, 2020, when the pandemic was just beginning to attract attention, the mainstream media under the influence of China were politically inclined to minimize the severity of the disease before making a sharp reversal, and now have become full with the narrative. about how dangerous it is to rediscover the economy, we published an article referring to the pre-print Arxiv who discovered that the Covid-19 genome contained “HIV insertions,” raising concerns that the virus was an artificially created biological weapon.

While the simple assumption that this virus was created by humans – not to mention sharing separate segments of its genetic structure with HIV – has sparked outrage among the well-paid First Amendment mercenaries, known as “verifying facts” that work in biased organizations such as Twitter and Facebook, to stifle any line of investigation that runs counter to the dominant narrative blessed by Zuckerberg and Dorsey of the world, none other than the person who discovered the HIV virus back in 1983 confirmed our suspicions that “the virus was created by man. “

We then reported in April that Professor Luke Montagnier, a 2008 Nobel Prize winner in medicine, stated that SARS-CoV-2 is a manipulative virus that accidentally released from a laboratory in Wuhan, Chinaand added that The Wuhan laboratory, known for its work on coronaviruses, has tried to use one of these viruses as a vector for HIV in its search for an AIDS vaccine.

This is the same conclusion that we examined a few months before the mainstream media suggested that COVID-19 could have come from a laboratory in Wuhan, rather than being created by humans. Because at an early stage this is more and more like a very accurate statement, the Buzzfeed journalist wrote an article about Zero Hedge that resulted in us being banned on Twitter.

But here we stand, months later. Since then, we were reinstated on Twitter, and the journalist fired for plagiarism after BuzzfeedNew Editor-in-Chief Mark Schufs PublishedNote to our readers“Describing in detail eleven cases where he raised content from other publications without attribution since 2013, including his hit parade against Zero Hedge.

Our theory of the origin of conspiracy theory has received widespread support and is the focus of several international investigations to the PDA laboratory. And only this week we learned about it, and the connection with HIV, which we first reported several months ago and continued last month, continues to strengthen.

Since the mainstream media are desperate to catch up, The New York Times released an article called “How coronavirus closes the immune system” yesterday and said that “In alarming parallel with H.I.V. coronavirus can cause the depletion of important immune cells, as recent studies have shown. ”

Now, researchers have discovered another unpleasant surprise. In many patients hospitalized with coronavirus, the immune system is at risk of depletion of certain necessary cells, which indicates terrible parallels with H.I.V. “ the article says.

Statements can explain why few children get sick and why a “cocktail” of treatment may be needed to control coronavirus, similar to H.I.V. being treated.

Dr. John Warry, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said studies currently indicate “very complex immunological signs of the virus.” The New York Times wrote:

In May, Dr. Verry and his colleagues published a document on the Internet showing a number of immune system defects in seriously ill patients, including the loss of T-cells fighting the virus in parts of the body.

In a separate study, researchers identified three models of immune defects and concluded that T cells and B cells that help organize the immune response were inactive in about 30 percent of 71 Covid-19 patients examined. None of the works have yet been published or reviewed.

Researchers from China have reported similar T-cell depletion in critically ill patients, Dr. Warry said. But emerging data can be difficult to interpret, he said, “like a Rorschach test.”

“It’s hard to separate the consequences of just a serious illness and intracellular risk that could harm your immune system,” said Warry.

Researchers have found that the immune system can become impaired because it responds to the virus, as happens in patients with sepsis. They found that patients with Covid-19 experienced a marked increase in a molecule called IP10, which sends T cells to where they are needed in the body. Coronavirus patients, as well as SARS and MERS, see the level of IP10 molecules that rise and remain, which can create “chaotic signaling” in the body.

Dr. Adrian Hayday, an immunologist at King’s College London, said: “It’s like Usain Bolt hears a starting gun and starts to run. Then someone continues to shoot the starting pistol again and again. What will he do? He will stop, bewildered and disoriented.

This leads to the fact that some T cells, usually prepared to kill the virus, are confused and act “aberrantly”. Recovery becomes more difficult for those over 40, because the thymus gland, which is responsible for creating new T cells, is becoming less effective. In children, the joy of the thymus works much better.

An overreaction of the immune system that causes things like a cytokine storm can also be treated by blocking a molecule called ID6, which helps organize immune cells.

“There are some patients who have elevated levels of IL-6, and therefore suppressing it can help. But the main goal should be to restore and revive the immune system, and not to suppress it, ”said Hayday.

Heidei believes that antiviral treatment may be most appropriate given the newfound information: “I have not lost a single gram of my optimism. The vaccine would be great. But given that the logic of its global deployment is so complex, it’s good to think that we cannot depend on one. ”

Recall we had previously written The South China Morning Post reported that a study by Chinese scientists showed that the new coronavirus uses the same strategy to avoid an attack from the human immune system as HIV. In particular, we noticed that both viruses remove marker molecules on the surface of an infected cell, which are used by the immune system to identify invaders.

Researchers have warned that this commonality may mean that Sars-CoV-2, the clinical name for the virus, may exist for some time, such as HIV.

We wrote in May:

And here things go very dirty for scammers, known as “verifying facts”, who – without any evidence or knowledge – vomited throughout our February report that coronavirus shared genetic material with HIV: while the mainstream media did their best to censor any suggestions that Covid and HIV have genetic similarities (after all, who wants to be threatened by an airborne version AIDS), now it’s nothing but South China Morning Post who writes that “In earlier studies, it was found that the genital protein of the new coronavirus has a structure that allows it to penetrate into and bind to many types of human cells. “The same structure was also found in HIV, but not in other coronaviruses found in animals such as bats and pangolins.”

At this point, the New York Times and SCMP apparently pointed to all the same facts – that coronavirus not only shares genetic material with HIV, but also evades and cripples the immune system in the same way as HIV infection, which made “very respected” StatNews accuse Zero Hedge of spreading “infodemic“.

As we said last month:

“I wonder if StatNews author John Gregory will add his“ analysis ”now that the actual“ facts ”have appeared that show that we should not be afraid of info-epidemics, but censordemic. “


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