July 6, 2020
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Did Obama/Biden Lie? Strzok's Newly Discovered FBI Notes Reignite "Obamagate"

Did Obama/Biden Lie? Strzok’s Newly Discovered FBI Notes Reignite “Obamagate”

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Posted by John Solomon through JustTheNews.com,

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The belated discovery of FBI disgraced agent Peter Strozok in January 2017 raises alarming new questions about whether President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden coordinated investigations of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in the final days of his tenure – even though The FBI wanted to close the case.

Investigators will need to get evidence from Stshock, who was fired two years ago from the FBI, to be sure of the exact meaning and intent of his one paragraph of notes that were released in court on Wednesday.

But they seem to light extraordinary high-level efforts by retiring Obama officials on the first weekend of January, find a way to support Flynn’s counterintelligence investigation in the absence of any evidence of misconduct.

The Justice Department reports that the notes were written on January 3-5, 2017, on the same day off when an FBI agent who investigated Flynn’s ties with Russia for five months recommended closing the case because there was “no derogatory” evidence that he committed a crime. crime or threatened counterintelligence. FBI executives canceled the agent’s recommendation.

It seems that Strozok’s notes cite the then FBI director James Komi, who suggests that Flynn’s intercepted calls with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak “seem legit” Relying on other recently disclosed evidence showing that the bureau sees nothing wrong with Flynn’s behavior.

Notes also suggest Biden, who once claimed to be unaware of Flynn’s investigation, raised the question of Logan’s law, an obscure, centuries-old law, as a possible way to continue Flynn’s investigation.

And Strzok seems to quote Obama suggests the FBI appoint “the right people” to investigate the case.

You can read the notes here:

These conversations, if accurately reflected in Stshock’s notes, took place during the same three-day period when FBI supervisors rejected his field agent’s recommendation to close Flynn’s case and turned to Flynn’s involvement strategy in an FBI interview where he could have caught a lie.

Sidney Powell, Flynn’s lawyer, outlined the potential implications of court records on Wednesday, calling the new evidence “stunning and exculpatory.”

“Mr. Obama himself instructed the“ right people ”to investigate General Flynn’s case. This made the former FBI Director Komi admit the obvious: General Flynn’s phone calls with Ambassador Kislyak“ seem legitimate, ”Powell said in a new statement.

According to Stshock’s notes, it seems that Vice President Biden personally expressed the idea of ​​Logan’s law. This became a recognized pretext for the investigation of General Flynn. “ she added.

You can read her feed here:

The notes are unlikely to have a significant impact on the outcome of the Flynn case, because the three judges The Washington Court of Appeals earlier Wednesday ordered District Judge Emmett Sullivan to immediately overturn Flynn’s sentence. for lying to the FBI.

Even if the convicted judge appeals the decision or the full appeal court reviews the case, Flynn is probably on the path to becoming a free and innocent person.

The real impact of these notes may be on the ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Justice against Russian investigators, where U.S. lawyers John Durham and Jeff Jensen determine whether the FBI or other crimes have committed crimes by deceiving the courts or Congress with respect to evidence of Russia’s currently discredited conspiracy.

A former senior FBI official told Just the News that Strozok’s White House meeting notes are a red flag that the Komei-led bureau could illegally draw into a political dispute between the outgoing Obama administration and the new Trump administration.

“It was a political meeting dedicated to a political dispute, and the bureau didn’t have anything to do,” said former assistant director of intelligence Kevin Brock. “No other FBI director would ever attend such a meeting.

“The comments cite Comey, which says that Kislyak’s appeal seemed legit. At that moment he had to get up and leave the room ” Brock added.

“The FBI did not have the business represented at this meeting. She no longer had counterintelligence interest. ”

The second effect of notes may be on the campaign trail. A few months ago, Biden said he did not know about Flynn’s investigation when he left the vice president’s office.

“I don’t know anything about these steps to investigate Michael Flynn.” he said.

Then he clarified his denial.

“I knew that … they asked for an investigation.” Biden said. “But that’s all I know about it, and I don’t think anything else.”

If Powell interprets the entries correctly, Biden was knowledgeable enough to offer a possible excuse to continue the investigation, Logan’s law. And he eventually exposed one of Flynn’s intercepted phone calls a week later.

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunez said on Wednesday to Just News that recently discovered notes confirm his long-standing suspicion that Obama’s White House is trying to adversely affect the FBI’s investigation into Russia.

We now know that both Obama and Biden were directly involved in planning the attack on Flynn.“Said Nunes.

“The Obama administration has exploited our intelligence community to spy on their political opponents and design bogus investigations and prosecutions of them.

“This is the biggest abuse of power I’ve seen in my entire life.” he added.


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