July 5, 2020
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Daily Crunch: Facebook faces an advertiser revolt – TechCrunch

Daily Crunch: Facebook faces an advertiser revolt – TechCrunch

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facebook takes (small) steps to improve its content policy as advertisers join the wider boycott, founder Alexis Ohanyan leaves Initialized Capital and Waze takes on a new look.

AliExpress WW

Here is your daily crisis on June 29, 2020.

1. As advertisers revolt, Facebook commits itself to celebrating “decent” political speech that violates politics

Live on the company’s weekly meeting, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced new measures to counter suppression and misinformation of voters. The basis for policy changes is the recognition that the company will continue to allow politicians and public figures to spread hate speech that actually violates Facebook’s own principles – but a label will be added to indicate that they remain on the Platform because of their “ noteworthy “nature.

This announcement was the result of an advertiser’s growth in social media content, and monetization policies continued to grow, with Unilever and Verizon (owning TechCrunch) both pledges to pull ads from Facebook,

2. Alexis Ohanyan leaves initialized capital

Ohanyan leaves Initialized Capital to work on “a new project that will support the generation of founders in the field of technology and beyond,” TechCrunch said in a statement. According to AxiosOhanyan leaves Initialized to work more closely with efforts to prepare for sowing.

3. Waze receives a great visual update with emphasis on driver emotion

The new look is much more colorful, and also allows individual drivers to share their current emotions with Moods, a set of user-selectable icons (with an initial group of 30) that can reflect how you feel. ” behind the wheel.

4. Amazon warehouse workers in Germany on strike on COVID-19

Amazon warehouse workers in Germany are on strike for 48 hours this week, protesting against the conditions that led to COVID-19 infection among colleagues. The strikes began today at six depots and will continue until the end of Tuesday’s day.

five. Four views: How will the ban on a work visa affect technology and what changes will continue?

Typically, the government processes tens of thousands of visa applications and renewals in October at the beginning of the fiscal year, but President Trump’s order almost guarantees that new visas will not be issued until 2021. Four TechCrunch employees analyzed the president’s actions in an attempt to see what this portends for the technology industry, the US economy and our national image. (Requires additional Crunch membership.)

6. Apple began work on handwashing a few years before COVID-19.

However, unlike other hasty initiatives undertaken by the company after the advent of the virus, the upcoming Apple Watch handwashing application was not developed overnight. This feature was the result of “many years of work,” said Kevin Lynch, vice president of technology in an interview with TechCrunch.

7. TechCrunch Podcasts This Week

Last feature episode Equity discusses new rounds of financing Away and Sonder, and Monday news review has the latter on the Rotenberg scandal. AND Original content has a review of the second season of Politics on Netflix.

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