July 10, 2020
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Crimes Against Common Sense

Crimes Against Common Sense

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Posted by Diane Diamond, author of The Epoch Times

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What the hell is going on in this country? When did we, most, stop speaking for ourselves? Crimes against common sense seem to occur every week, but most of us are silent.

Or does the media only cover those who shout the loudest, and it seems that what they demand must be done?

The loudest citizens today are smug members of the so-called woke up package. You know, those who consider themselves arbiters of all social and racial justice, and if you do not believe like them, you are the enemy.

The ideals of critical thinkers seem to go almost unnoticed.

So, I ask here, since when has it become acceptable for politicians to order the police to leave their station and allow demonstrators, armed with weapons, to occupy the square quarters of the American city? The mayor of Seattle explained its occupying power by the summer of love protest group.

Does anyone worry that this takeover of downtown Seattle could end badly or spread to other cities?

This is the constitutional right of every citizen to gather and protest peacefully. But who in their right mind thought joining these recent massive street demonstrations in the midst of a life-threatening pandemic was a wise idea? And now, when we see an increase in COVID-19 cases in several states, many of them woke up, bizarrely, pointing finger at opposition party politicians for not stopping the spread of the disease.

Do we not have enough common sense to see that the coronavirus junction is our own work?

The “culture of cancellation” that exists today repels all clear thinkers who dare to express an opinion or ask a clarifying question. “All white people are racist. … rich criminals. … All the police are bad, ”they say. Even television cops should be convicted. Television producers “Live PD” and “Cops” could not stand the requirements and canceled their programs. The protagonist of a police dog in the children’s cartoon “Paw Patrol” was killed.

Think about the negative impact of all this anti-police zeal on children and future police officers.

But if you do not agree with these new revolutionaries, who are determined to force the rest of us to submit to their beliefs, violent attacks and ostracism will occur on you.

Author Yu.K. The Harry Potter Rowing nearly fell victim to the cultural abolition team when it rebuked a headline that reads People Menstruating. She accurately indicated that women menstruate. Well, this caused cries of condemnation from the LGBTQ community and a reminder that some people who switched from woman to man still remind them of their gender of birth every month.

Since when has a tiny minority of the population decided how others think or express themselves? Is their hyperbolic reaction to opposing views not like the bullying that they so often oppose?

And, well, I will ask: Why not defend all of humanity and claim that “all lives matter”? This statement does not humiliate black lives; rather, it puts Black on the same high platform as everyone else. I’m tired of the puns and distorted meanings given to innocent utterances.

And finally, let’s look at the recent step toward destroying our history, as if it could or should be erased. Protesters demanded that countless statues of civil war leaders, including emancipation president Abraham Lincoln, be removed. Similarly for monuments depicting the conquistadors colonizing the American West. Have some of these historical figures acted as we consider abhorrent today? Certainly, but pretending that history didn’t consist is to bury our heads.

If you follow their way of thinking, we should stop telling students about the First and Second World Wars because atrocities occurred. The horrors of Hitler’s pogrom against the Jews should never be mentioned. War in vietnam civil rights The fight between the 60s and Kent state was all ugly. Do we ignore these events because remembering can make someone uncomfortable?

Students in the history of this country know the flaws of our system. Nothing is perfect, and adjustments are in full swing. But, given radical ideas, such as the dissolution of law enforcement agencies, the capture of criminals inside cities and controlling the conversations of other people, it’s just stupid.


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