July 11, 2020
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CQC says inspections suspended due to Covid 19 crisis will resume in autumn

AliExpress WW

England’s health regulator has announced that scheduled inspections of health workers who were suspended during the crisis of the 19th century will resume.

AliExpress WW

The Quality Assurance Commission will also conduct inspections of high-risk providers during the summer.

In March, the CQC terminated all routine inspections of hospitals, general practitioners’ offices, and health care providers to allow services to focus on the disease crisis 19. 1 In the interim, he conducted remote provider checks using his emergency support system. [ESF],

The regulator’s statement said: “As the situation develops and the impact on the healthcare system and social protection changes, we will adapt the ESF tool, which will be used along with our return visits and a controlled return to the planned inspection of low-risk services. in the fall. Inspectors are currently planning inspections of high-risk services during the summer. ”

The CQC stated that since it stopped routine checks on March 16, it conducted 12 checks in hospitals (seven of which were caused by problems raised by staff or the public), 17 in the area of ​​social assistance for adults (11 because of problems raised by staff or by the public). ) and three at the primary level (all because of problems raised by staff or the public).

Kate Terroni, chief inspector for adult social security at CQC, said: “Everyone is interested in allowing employees to speak freely and not being disturbed by concerns about quality and safety, and all providers are required to support their employees for sharing problems safely, not fearing reprisals.

“The staff struggled to provide good and safe assistance during this global crisis. If they experience obstacles to providing such assistance, we want to hear them, and we are encouraged that so many employees have shown the courage to express their concerns to us. ”

But the BMA expressed concern about the resumption of treatment, given the huge lag behind the non-cancer care that patients will seek as the pandemic worsens.

Richard Watrey, chairman of his committee of general practitioners, said: “Over the past few months, family practitioners have faced the challenge of completely reorganizing their work so that they can safely and confidently continue to provide assistance to their patients during a hidden pandemic. ,

“They did this without the many regulatory burdens imposed on them earlier, which gives them space for innovation and devotes more time to patients.

“The GPC has long required a review of inspection processes, and now is the time to do so, as we all reflect on learning from this crisis.

“Since the practice is preparing for an increase in demand caused by the huge number of non-patient patients and services that some practitioners are already experiencing, it is completely inappropriate to announce a general return to screening right now.”


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