July 7, 2020
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Coronavirus Live Updates: Gilead announces remdesivir pricing; Great Britain considers big investments for economic recovery

Coronavirus Live Updates: Gilead announces remdesivir pricing; Great Britain considers big investments for economic recovery

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New cases of coronavirus continued to grow over the weekend in several US states, mainly in the American south and west. Amid growing numbers of new cases, Minister of Health and Human Services Alex Azar warned on Sunday that the “window was closing” to curb the spread of the virus and take control of the outbreak.

AliExpress WW

This is a live CNBC blog covering all the latest news about coronavirus outbreakThis blog will be updated throughout the day as news releases.

  • Global cases: more than 10.15 million
  • Global deaths: not less than 502,048
  • US cases: over 2.54 million
  • Mortality in the USA: not less than 125 803

The above data was collected by Johns Hopkins University.

US Burger King Stores Continue to Trend As Fast Food Industry Recover

8:32 am EST – Brands International restaurant chain reported that sales of Burger King in the US in the same store have a downward trend, which is the latest sign that the fast food industry is recovering from the pandemic.

Although many North American eateries are closed or offer only a limited number of seats, Burger King sees customers returning and ordering them across the driveway. The burger chain has also recently launched a nationwide breakfast meat sandwich made from Impossible Foods sausage to boost breakfast sales.

Burger King’s sister network, Tim Hortons, has seen declines in the same store among high-teens last week, noting a consistent improvement since May. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen saw US sales rise in the same store by the “very high 20s.” Amelia Lucas

Gilead will set remdesivir at $ 3,120 for patients with private insurance

Remdesivir Coronavirus Disease Vial (COVID-19) was capped at Gilead Sciences in La Verne, California, USA, March 18, 2020. The picture was taken on March 18, 2020.

Gilead Sciences Inc | Reuters

7:40 am ET – Gilead Sciences has announced prices for treatment with coronavirus, remdesivir. He will sell the drug at US $ 390 per bottle to developed country governments and US $ 520 per bottle for private US insurance companies, adding that the price is “significantly lower” than the cost of the drug.

The company will start charging for the drug in July. He previously handed over doses to the U.S. government for distribution, as in May he received permission for emergency use to treat patients with Covid-19.

The company said that most patients receiving remdesivir will receive a five-day course of treatment using six vials of remdesivir. This will result in government spending of $ 2,340 for patients receiving five-day treatment, and $ 3,120 for commercially insured patients.

“At the level at which we set prices for remdesivir, and with government programs, as well as additional Gilead assistance as needed, we believe that all patients will have access,” said Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day open letter, –Will feyer

UK Boris Johnson says Roosevelt approach needed to restart economy

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks at a daily briefing on updating information on an outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at 10 Downing Street, London, June 3, 2020.

Andrew Parsons | 10 Downing Street | via Reuters

7:30 am ET – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday that the United States needs to take a “Roosevelt” approach to rebuilding the economy after the coronavirus epidemic.

Speaking to Times Radio, Johnson admitted that the virus was “an absolute nightmare for the country,” but added that “at these moments you have the opportunity to change and do something better … invest in infrastructure, transportation, broadband, you call it. “

“I think this is the moment for Roosevelt’s approach to the United States,” he added, referring to former US President Franklin Roosevelt, who was elected US President at the height of the Great Depression. He is known for implementing the New Deal programs that financed the massive construction of US public infrastructure in the 1930s. –Holly elliatt


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