July 11, 2020
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Cities are wrestling with a potential new exodus in the COVID-19 era, but Urban-X still believes in their future – TechCrunch

Cities are wrestling with a potential new exodus in the COVID-19 era, but Urban-X still believes in their future – TechCrunch

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Reflecting the tensions faced by cities around the world, struggling with the fight against a pandemic in a dense urban environment, Urban-xAn accelerator for technology startups, focused on urban issues, has launched its eighth, completely remote group.

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While the accelerator program is supported by BMW-owned car manufacturer Mini Cooper and a venture capital firm urban Us, based in Brooklyn, actually runs its latest program, which includes startups from Atlanta, Sydney, San Francisco, Boston, Burlington and Los Angeles.

“In the long run, we are optimistic about the cities. I think COVID and climate change have some things in common. If we think that COVID is destructive, and not only a threat to economic life, but also human life, climate change is certainly a much bigger threat, ”he said. Mika Kotch, Managing Director of Urban-X. “I think cities have survived pandemics before. I think we will move forward. The clear things we need are really good political leadership. We need to listen to science and act quickly, based on the best science, and we need collective action. And it is here that I see many coincidences between climate and climate. ”

The latest batch of companies Urban-X will work with includes:

  • Adiona: Machine-based service for optimizing hourly labor in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Aquagenuity: a company providing search information on water quality for consumers
  • Climate Robotics: manufacturer of robots that produce carbon-binding and soil-improving biochar
  • Mobilyze: developer of a data analytics service to optimize the site of an electric vehicle charging station
  • Resonant Link: creator of the wireless charging service for powering robots and electric vehicles.
  • Xtelligent: company rethinks traffic light technology

“Not everyone can afford to move to the suburbs, and not everyone wants to. Cities will continue to be the epicenter of creativity and innovation, ”said Kotch. “Although these past three and a half to four months have been a real challenge, especially here in the US, we deeply believe in the dynamism and necessity of cities.”

More recent investors think that the Urban-X thesis can create a viable business, with about 85 percent of accelerator companies planning to attract additional rounds of financing. Some of the most successful companies (in terms of capital raised) include Bowery Farming, Starcity, Mark43, One Concern, Future Motion, Skycatch, Seamlessdocs, Revivn, BRCK and Rachio.

“Technology, investment and mentoring can advance the future with the low carbon, sustainability and high density that we need for our cities,” he said. Sean Abrahamson, URBAN-X Investment Committee and Managing Partner, Urban Us“We are very pleased that this new group of founders has joined URBAN-X to create creative solutions that solve the problem of climate change and the biggest challenges facing our cities.”


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