July 5, 2020
AliExpress WW

Children of the Coronavirus – “Coronials” and Generation K

AliExpress WW
Researchers came up with a name for quarantined children. A new word has rapidly burst into the modern language – “coronials”.

It is intended to identify children who were conceived during the pandemic and have not yet been born. The term is formed on the same principle as the “millennials” (people born from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s).

AliExpress WW

Also, a personal term now exists for children already living in the era of the coronavirus – generation K. These are children aged 6 to 16 years. They were called Generation C, i.e. generation K (where K is coronavirus)

These names were proposed by SuperAwesome, which invents and creates digital solutions for working with children’s audiences. She published new habits formed in children of generation K on self-isolation. The data apply to U.S. residents, but they may be relevant for many countries around the world.

Generation K began to wake up later, but at the same time help more around the house. Breakfasts of children became healthier – there was a rejection of quick options such as cereals and bars. Parents began to help children more with lessons and homework, and TV again became the main entertainment of families.

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