July 16, 2020
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California orders several bars close as US publishes COVID cases

California orders several bars close as US publishes COVID cases

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Lisa Schumaker

AliExpress WW

(Reuters) – California on Sunday ordered the closure of several bars, as in this state and a dozen others there is the strongest surge in coronavirus since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s order to close bars in seven counties, including Los Angeles, is the first major pullback in economic recovery in the most populous US state. Texas and Florida were ordered to close all bars on Friday.

The increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 was most pronounced in several southern and western states that did not follow the recommendations of health officials to wait for a steady decline in cases before re-opening their economies.

The third day in a row on Saturday, the number of confirmed cases in the United States jumped by more than 40,000, which is one of the most significant leaps in the world.

Even in states where the number of cases has declined over the course of several weeks, bars have been the source of outbreaks. According to local health officials, one bar in East Lansing, Michigan, has more than 85 cases.

In addition to bars, Texas closed the pipe trade and rafting on Friday to try to avoid crowds of people like the ones seen on Saturday in Arizona along the Salt River east of Phoenix.

When the temperature rose above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius), dozens of people climbed into the inflatable chambers with coolers and went into the water to avoid heat. Very few wore masks.

Some beaches in Florida also close on the eve of Fourth of July next weekend, which would gather large crowds.

In Arizona, the number of cases rose by 267% in June and rose by a record 3,857 cases on Sunday, the eighth record-breaking increase this month. Georgia reported a record increase of 2,225 cases on Sunday. Fifteen states, including California, Florida, and Texas, saw an increase in cases last week.


Just a day after being optimistic about the US reaction to the pandemic and saying that the country was in a “much better place,” Vice President Mike Pence canceled campaigning for the re-election of Republican President Donald Trump in Florida and Arizona. due to the outbreak, campaign officials said on Saturday.

In an interview with CBS, Pence said he was confident that there were enough medications and opportunities to deal with the surge in cases.

He also defended Trump’s refusal to directly ask Americans to wear masks or wear them in public, even if Texas Governor Greg Abbott and others say that widespread use of masks will be crucial in order to be able to reopen the economy.

“We believe that people should wear masks where social distance is not possible, wherever indicated by state or local authorities,” Pence told CBS.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, criticized the administration’s response to the pandemic, which killed more than 125,000 Americans. On Sunday, she told ABC News that the use of masks across the country was long overdue.

According to Reuters, the number of global cases of coronavirus on Sunday exceeded 10 million, which was an important milestone in the spread of respiratory disease, which in seven months resulted in the death of almost half a million people.

(Graphics: Tracking the New Coronavirus in the USA – https://graphics.reuters.com/HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS-USA/0100B5K8423/index.html)

(Reporting by Susan Heavyy in Washington, Mary Caspany in New York and Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento; written by Lisa Schumakmer; editing by Daniel Wallis)


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