July 14, 2020
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Bowden College welcomes new campus entrants this fall, but most older students will stay home

Bowden College welcomes new campus entrants this fall, but most older students will stay home

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Bowdain College plans to take students back to campus this fall. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is strategically student reduction who will return.

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“The college campuses in this country are tightly packed, and in most cases it’s great,” said Bowden College President. Clayton Rose told CNBC on Thursday. “But when you have a public health crisis and a very contagious virus, similar to the one we are dealing with now, such a density is really problematic.”

Instead, a private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine, is mainly conducting its first year of study and moving students to campus this fall. According to Rose, there will also be those whose home situations make online classes impossible, as well as student housing consultants and a small group of older people working on great projects.

“Our goal is to learn as much as possible in the fall, together with the group we will have, about how to safely manage our campus, and then if we do it right, which I expect and the world will work together with us, then we will return our high school students, juniors and sophomores in the spring, ”Rose said at the Exchange.

Bowdoin’s strategy for taking some students back to campus is that schools at all levels are eager to devise plans for the fall classes after the outbreak of coronavirus forced many to turn to distance learning in March.

About 65% of colleges plan private lessons this fall, according to Chronicle of Higher Education, which tracks decisions of more than 1000 schools. Many say that they will limit the size of the class and end up with large lectures, for example.

Some schools, such as University of Notre Dame we intend to postpone the start of our fall semester to end it with Thanksgiving, hoping to get ahead of the surge in Covid-19 at the end of the year, which some experts predict could happen. The system of California State University, consisting of 23 campuses, intends to achieve a virtually virtual fall.

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On the bowdoin that has approximately 1800 students “almost all” classes will still be online, Rose wrote in a letter for the college community this week. The exception is first-class written workshops, many of which will be taught in person or “have personal components,” he wrote.

Other medical protocols will be in place on the campus, such as hygiene, symptom testing, and compulsory face coverage on the premises and “most of the time on the street,” Rose said.

“We also learned through the discovery of America in the last five or six weeks that it is really difficult to strictly follow these practices for everyone, students and everyone else. And we saw the consequences of this. “Rosa said, an obvious reference to the increased incidence of coronavirus and hospitalization throughout the United States.”

For this reason, everyone on the Bowdain campus will be tested on the Covid-19 twice a week, Rose said. A contact tracking program will also be in place.

“This allows us to do one or two steps of testing individuals for the early detection of this virus, and then find out where we could break these methods by using contact tracing to be able to fix the systems that we installed during the fall,” Rosa said.

And improving them, Rose said, Bowdain hopes that “he will be in a better position to return more students in the spring and, ultimately, get the full number.”


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