July 10, 2020
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Boiling Point

Boiling Point

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Posted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform Blog,

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“Every normal person should be tempted from time to time to spit in his arms, raise a black flag and begin to cut his throat.”House of Lords Menken

After writing a particularly depressing article in which I come to a logical conclusion based on the evidence of all the previous fourth turns, I always wonder if I’m too pessimistic and doomed to die, like so many click-through websites. The conclusions I made at the end of my last two articles were especially grim and made me wonder if I had gone too far. I thought maybe I was too pessimistic, and my predictions of civil chaos and global unrest were exaggerated.

“Failure to cope with upcoming challenges through courage, determination, common sense, adherence to our constitutional principles and enough luck can lead to a defeat that we will never recover from. “Nobody knows how and when the climax of this crisis will end, but the acceleration towards our rapprochement with fate is in motion.” The fourth turn accelerates to a climax – May 10

It so happened that I published my last article on May 24, predicting the 2nd civil war. I thought that we could have a couple of years to prepare, since it is likely that in five to ten years this Fourth Turn will culminate. I never knew that a black man with a long criminal record, high levels of fentanyl and resisting arrest in Minneapolis would be killed by a white police thug named Derek Chowen, who had seventeen complaints about him about his outstanding career, the next day after my article was published. Oddly enough, it looks like this kill will be our Fort Sumter / Pearl Harbor of this Fourth Turn.

“I know that the Deep State (Party) does not intend to give up power and is not interested in our well-being or in what is better for future generations. They are consumed by greed and an unquenchable thirst for power. They will not blink, sentencing millions to death. To defeat this rooted evil enemy, it will take cunning, courage and weapons. Voting for another faction of the party will not change our path, nor our fate. Only determined resistance using any necessary means and willingness to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our children and grandchildren, as well as luck can give us a chance to defeat the party.

Our choice is to continue to accept the beatings from the captain and agree with their vision of the future – the crash of boots on our faces forever or the 2nd Civil War. I did not say that the choice was good. But this is an unpleasant truth. What would Cool Hand Luke or Virgil Hilts do? – May 24

The death of George Floyd, if it had not been captured on the video, would have been a two-paragraph story on the page of the fourteenth page of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Instead, his death was used by numerous political groups to rekindle the worldwide fire storm of protests, riots, robberies, killings and the mass destruction of enterprises and neighborhoods. His elevation to holiness on the part of left-wing media, left-wing politicians and riders who attack like Al Sharpton was nothing more than a coordinated attempt to further destabilize the country and overthrow Trump.

The virtue signal of corporate executives concerned about profit, left-wing Hollywood egomaniacs, sports figures who think their opinions matter, and titans of permissible speech in Silicon Valley, was a miserable show of indulgence and kneeling before the BLM thugs and ANTIFA terrorists.

The past month has been a surreal mixture of lawlessness, street battles, political cowardice, fraud by the mainstream media, and an almost incomprehensible plunge into madness. While normal people watched the events on their televisions with disgust and bewilderment, as they were still locked in by politicians who joyfully encouraged protesters (the so-called rebels) to spread the coronavirus, George Floyd’s three funerals (one of which received John F. Kennedy) somehow went into BLM and ANTIFA terrorist activities around the world.

The propaganda machine then included a fake tale of systematic racism destroying the country when weak-skinned white leaders began to kiss the legs of Sharpton and his race, baiting the loyalists. The complete falsity of everything that we see, hear and tell by “experts”, “journalists” and politicians is striking in its courage. But at least the stock market has grown.

Our second Civil War continues, except that only one side is fighting. At first it seemed that the first protests against police brutality were spontaneous, but it immediately became obvious that political operatives used this incident as an opportunity to impose their Marxist ideology on the nation with the support of left-wing media and opportunist Democrat politicians, who saw this as another opportunity to undermine Trump’s presidency .

Anyone who questions the story is immediately condemned as a racist, with a left-wing crowd hungry for blood, figuratively speaking, trying to fire them, or literally physically attacking them and their business. When similar protests / riots flourished in Democratic-controlled cities in the United States, and then in foreign capitals of Europe, it became clear that these efforts were aimed at undermining traditional society and destroying our two-hundred-year-old freedom and freedom culture thirty one year old. ,

Those mysterious brick pallets that appear at the center of the riots in every Democratic-controlled American city do not deliver themselves. No matter what peaceful intentions some protesters had, they were captured by centrally coordinated organizations that seek to destroy the moral and ethical foundations of our country.

I have not written anything for more than a month, because I tried to decipher the truth about these coordinated efforts to destroy the foundations of our civilized society. Just as the impeachment fraud ended and the Rosgate plot was about to uncover as an attempted coup drafted by Obama, Biden, Komi and their group of Deep State minions, the Covid-19 pandemic comfortably gripped the world with fear, medical, “Experts Declaring Millions, Surely will die if we do not close the global economy and hide in our basements.

These “experts” convinced Trump to destroy the economywith 46 million Americans forced to apply for unemployment, and the true unemployment rate soared above 20% (not BLS is 13.3%). All this for the virus, which does not kill 99.97% of the US population and kills only 0.5% of the infected. If Democratic governors properly closed nursing homes, deaths would be halved.

When Covid’s hysteria looked like it subsided, with the fall of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, we suddenly became a racist society, requiring every white person in America to kiss the legs of oppressed blacks (black unemployment was at all times low until the Covid planemia) . White people who never owned slaves had to bow and apologize to black people who were never slaves.

Martin Luther King’s dream of living in a nation where people will be judged not by their skin color, but by the content of their character, suddenly turned into a nation where white people had to apologize to the self-styled blacks. debt collectors because a bad cop killed a black criminal, high on fentanyl.

The requirements of BLM and ANTIFA are inconsistent, ridiculous and designed to never be met. Paying trillions of reparations to people who were never slaves, and getting rid of the police in urban ghettos where blacks kill blacks at astonishing speed, may be two of the stupidest ideas in the history of ideas. But this false crisis of racism is another reason for the consolidation of power in the hands of the ruling class.

Nothing that happens in this country is an attempt from the bottom up, but a coordinated attempt to seize power by unselected rich people who act in the shadows. Unfortunately, the general public does not understand how those who control them manipulate them. Edward Bernays clearly explained this in 1928, and with the advent of social media corporations using their platforms for evil, managing the masses and pursuing them in the direction chosen by the controllers has never been easier.

“Conscious and sensible manipulation of organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element of a democratic society. Those who manipulate this invisible mechanism of society make up the invisible government, which is the true power of our country. … We are controlled, our minds are formed, our tastes are formed, our ideas are proposed, mainly by people we have never heard of. This is the logical result of the organization of our democratic society.

A huge number of people should cooperate in this way if they want to live together as a harmoniously functioning society. … In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in politics or business, in our social behavior or in our ethical thinking, we are dominated by a relatively small number of people … who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses, It is they who pull the wires that control public opinion. ” – propaganda

I have never been a big fan of cops these days, with their swollen ranks, rampant raids, militarization on the orders of the military-industrial complex, shocking the public to generate government revenue, and using their unions to protect bad cops. In the civilized regions of the country, the police are practically not needed. But in democratic city shit, where agitators scream to defend the police, the cops are the only thing that keeps these cities from becoming a living hell.

Robbery and murder would become the norm. We already have real life examples in Baltimore and Chicago. When several bad cops were caught on tape, killing black men, the reaction was to retreat from the worst areas. Now they are zones of lawlessness. Blacks who kill dozens of blacks are completely ignored by BLM because they do not match their narrative that a white person oppresses them.

An attempt to extinguish history by demolishing statues of historical figures and renaming buildings, military bases and schools under the guise of victory over racism is once again ridiculous in its infantilism. Snow-white local terrorists destroying state property, with the irresponsible consent of Democratic mayors throughout the country, could not answer ten basic questions about US history, but they are the judge and jury of what constitutes racist monuments?

Again, you need to take a step back and ask yourself why these monuments were not demolished in the 1960s during civil rights protests or during the eight years of Obama’s presidency? This is because those at the top believe that it is in their best interest to create civil unrest and chaos. They know that emotional issues like racism and fear of invisible viruses are a way to distract the masses of people from each other.

After I fled from my basement office in Jersey Shore last week, a semblance of normality and reality returned to my life. Reality is not what you see on the boob pipe and on Twitter. In our country with a population of 330 million people, approximately 127,000 people died “with Covid-19,” and 43% of them were from nursing homes. Over 30% were from the metropolitan area of ​​New York. With the exception of several other Democratic-controlled city shelters such as Chicago, Detroit, Boston, and Philadelphia, this virus has been exposed to a minor amount of the virus. Hysteria is unjustified.

Corporate media specifically created the impression that the whole country was experiencing riots and robberies. Again, several thousand paid agitators appeared in front of the camera for a new reality show called “Pretend to Destroy America” to defeat Donald Trump. Loving a good reality show, Trump played a part during a biblical walk through the rebels. As soon as the ratings of this show began to decline, we will return to Covid Will Surely Kill You.

Meanwhile, Jersey Shore was full of people going to the beach, jogging, biking, fishing, eating out, enjoying live groups and walking along the boardwalk. There were people wearing a mask, but most were without masks. People were friendly and not afraid. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and white people cohabited on beaches and promenades without violence, hostility, or racial contention. This is due to the fact that among normal people there are no racial discords that do not advance the agenda and do not try to cause discontent for profit.

The vast majority of Americans just want to live peacefully, making a living and enjoying their free time with friends and family. But the rival factions inside the large Deep State umbrella decided to use ordinary Americans as pawns in their game of power and the pursuit of rents. The demographics of the protesters, the vast majority of whites, 25-50 years old and democrats, show that they have one goal – to kill Trump or to prove their degree in gender studies, and they have no critical thinking skills.

Watching the left turn to each other, destroying their own cities, protesting against police policies in democratically controlled cities over the past five decades, demolishing statues erected by democrats, and stating the resistance of the party that actually freed the slaves, is holding me back thrilled for their next ironic choice. Watching Hollywood elites crumble over old tweets or parodies of a black face is amazing.

It’s also pleasant to watch one of the worst presidents (democrats) in US history, Woodrow Wilson, being dragged through the mud as his name as a racist, but his worst crimes included the introduction of an income tax on the population pulling the country into the world. The first war after the campaign against it and the final treasonous act of creating the Federal Reserve.

Jerome Powell and his hilarious group of digital money printers is a true story. The financial system was already in decline when we entered 2020, and the Fed was already in emergency mode, supporting a patient who pumped QE4 into the veins of Wall Street banks and hedge funds. The pandemic and subsequent economic outage provided the Fed with an excellent opportunity to get ten trillion dollars from the air to save its owners and corporate interests, who benefit from their generosity, as the first in line for a newly printed order.

$ 1,200 was thrown at the plebs, while small business owners had to ask to borrow and steal in order to survive. The mega-corps either flourished or was resuscitated by the Fed. The support of zombie corporations and the elimination of the creative destruction of capitalism destroyed the concept of free markets. Big ones get bigger, rich get richer, and poor get poorer.

The Fed has created the biggest wealth gap in US history and is responsible for the impending civil war and the possible financial collapse of our debt-saturated system. The creation of money (debts) does not actually bring 1% benefit, but 0.1% is directed directly to their constantly growing bank accounts.

The entire stock market growth was caused solely by an increase in the Fed’s balance sheet by $ 3 trillion. The Fed’s balance sheet “dropped” from $ 7.2 trillion on June 4 to $ 7.1 trillion today. Is it just a coincidence that the Dow hit its maximum of 27,572 on June 8 and dropped to 25,015 on Friday? Of course not. The Fed mocked respected investment symbols for creating the greatest bubble in history, so they stopped their expansion.

Now shit hits the fan. The Fed needs the new closure of the Covid-19 as an excuse to restart the printing presses. Democrats need yet another lock to keep the economy depressed until November 4. At least half of the country is not going to buy a different blocking story, as pandemic deaths continue to hit new lows. The release of General Flynn and Durham’s investigation of the coup attempt could lead to a new firework.

A decade of history occurred in the first six months of this year. The next four months are likely to be even richer. Выборы, проходившие во время гражданской войны, происходили только один раз в истории – 1864 г. До сих пор это право не использовалось. Будет ли это мудрый выбор, предстоит определить. Если левые продолжат преднамеренно разрушать города, разрушать экономику, используя при этом мошенничество с использованием почтовых бюллетеней для победы на президентских выборах и в Сенате в ноябре, правые будут сердиться, если они позволили этому случиться.

Я не вижу, чтобы какая-либо из сторон признала результаты 4 ноября. Настоящее насилие начнется до инаугурации в январе. Военное положение и кровопролитие в больших количествах теперь более вероятно, чем нет. Добавьте возобновление краха фондового рынка, и этот Четвертый Оборот действительно усилится. Мы достигли точки кипения, и те, кто контролирует температуру, все еще ее поднимают.

Решение неясно, но не выглядит позитивным. Для победы над силами тьмы потребуются смелость, сила, твердость, любовь к свободе и определенное количество удачи. Если вы не готовы к тому, что грядет, тогда начните готовиться сейчас.

«Чтобы победить, нужно не большинство… а скорее разгневанное, неутомимое меньшинство, стремящееся навязать людям умы свободы».Сэмюэл Адамс

* * *
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