July 10, 2020
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Australia's 2nd-Largest State Imposes 1-Month Lockdown As COVID-19 Infections Spike: Live Updates

Australia’s 2nd-Largest State Imposes 1-Month Lockdown As COVID-19 Infections Spike: Live Updates

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  • EU bans US travelers, as expected
  • Goldman says mask mandates can reduce spread by 25%
  • Victoria imposes a 1-month block as cases rise
  • The USA saw all new cases below 40 thousand. Yesterday
  • LA County closes beaches for the weekend of July 4
  • Indian Prime Minister delivers a speech as the country approved a plan to provide food assistance to 800 million people
  • South Korea and Tokyo see rising new cases
  • Morgan Stanley says the total number of projected cases is now 3.8 million

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Update (0945ET): As expected, The EU has banned U.S. travelers as it extends the travel ban to most of the world, with the exception of a few countries, including China.

In addition to China, residents of the following countries are allowed to travel to Europe from July 1: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

In other news, comments made by a group of Goldman analysts are starting to attract a lot of attention: bank analysts predict that mandatory mask requirements can reduce infection by 25%.

So now we have a Goldman Sachs warning that wearing a mask should be mandatory? Given the recent wave of corporate activity, this is not very surprising. But it is also definitely worth considering.

* * *

Arizona Gov Doug Ducey last night announced plans the monthly rollback of the state’s economic opening, the closure of bars, restaurants, cinemas, water parks and other facilities, as well as the postponement of the first school day in the state until August 17. A few hours later, on the other side of the world, the leaders of Australia’s second-largest state, Victoria, ordered 36 suburbs surrounding Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, to try to stop the cluster that had emerged over the past couple of weeks.

Australia has never had a huge problem with COVID-19 (the biggest outbreak before this incident in Victoria was caused by the Ruby Princess and the decision to allow infected passengers to land without any real control. However, a few weeks after her neighbor, New Zealand, announcing an outbreak, the country is experiencing the worst outbreak yet.

According to Prime Minister Victoria Daniel Andrews, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, starting midnight on Wednesday (local time), the first suburban home order for 320,000 people will enter into force. Within four weeks, residents of the suburbs will see a return to the conditions of blockage: they must stay at home if they do not go to work, school, medical care, sports or food. Restaurants return only a few weeks after opening. Local leaders called this move a devastating blow to the local economy.

Most of Australia reported a zero or low daily increase in the number of COVID-19 cases over the course of several weeks, and in Victoria a double-digit increase over each of the previous 14 days, bringing Australia’s nationwide daily rates to their maximum values. Victoria reported 64 new cases on Tuesday, compared with 75 new cases the previous day.

Even more news about the closure overnight: the governor of Nevada announced that the state would not hesitate to reintroduce restrictions if national trends did not improve. Georgia Governor Kemp extended his state’s public health emergency until August 11, while Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a “tough pause” in connection with the opening of movie theaters for the largest theater market in the United States.

According to the JHU, the number of daily new cases recorded worldwide is increasing; according to the JHU, the total number of cases has reached 10,278,458, and the death toll worldwide has reached 504,936. In the afternoon in Asia, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled plans to extend the plan to provide free grain to more than 800 million Indians by the end of November, as the fight against the virus left the Indian economy in shreds. Although the daily number of new cases does not correspond to the maximum indicators, the indicators that he sees are still much higher than the peak values ​​reached just a couple of weeks ago. India reported 18,522 new cases on Tuesday, compared with 19,459 recorded on the previous day, bringing the total number to 566,840 in the country. 418 new deaths were recorded in the country, bringing the total number of deaths to 16,893.

On Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that although the country’s mortality rate on the COVID-19 scale is “under control”, the outbreak in the country has reached a “critical point”.

“People are becoming careless,” he said, adding, “we must summon the trespassers.”

Returning to East Asia, South Korea confirmed 43 new cases, compared to 42 days earlier, as the total number of infections reached 12,800 with 282 deaths, while in Japan, Tokyo found more than 50 new cases on the fifth day in a row, reports TV Asahi.

China reports 19 new cases of coronavirus compared to 12 days earlier. Of the new infections, seven were in Beijing, which was struggling with a new outbreak. China also reported four new asymptomatic patients who tested positive for COVID-19 but showed no symptoms.

Less than 40,000 new cases were reported yesterday in the United States. For the first time in a week.

And mortality remains at or close to its lowest levels since March.

In the United States, a Morgan Stanley analytics group determined, according to a research note published on Tuesday, that the number of reproductions in the United States has remained at 1.17 since last week, while the time to double the total number of cases has slightly decreased to 41 days (versus 46 days last week) , “Suggesting that proliferation continues and accelerates. Our total projected infections are now 3.8 million. ”

After Los Angeles joins a growing group of cities across the country that plan to close their beaches on the weekend of July 4, they intend to halt California’s economic recovery by closing bars and other establishments.

After several updates to vaccine trials from China, British media reported that a global trial designed to test whether anti-malarial drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine could prevent COVID-19 infection will soon resume after regulatory approval.

Finally, the US is not on the “safe list” of secondary travel destinations that will be published by EU members later on Tuesday, as the unit provides guidelines for leisure and business travel outside its borders. Over the past few days, a continuous stream of leaks has claimed that the EU will exclude travelers from the United States, at least until the end of summer.


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