July 11, 2020
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At least 85 people associated with a visit to the Michigan bar tested positive for coronavirus

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According to health officials, the number of coronavirus cases associated with a visit to a bar in Michigan since its opening has risen to 85.

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The Ingham County Department of Health asks everyone who has visited Harper’s Restaurant & Brewpub outside Michigan State University in East Lansing from June 12 to 20 to quarantine themselves for two weeks.

As of Saturday, 85 people who visited the bar between these dates or communicated with people who had a positive result for coronavirus.

Image: Harper's Restaurant & Brewpub (Google)
Image: Harper’s Restaurant & Brewpub (Google)

When the Ingham County Department of Health announced the outbreak on June 23, 14 people who visited the bar tested positive. The next day, 34 people tested positive, the department said.

At that time, all people with a positive test result were between the ages of 18 and 23. None of them were hospitalized, and most had mild symptoms. Four were asymptomatic.

The Department of Health asked everyone who visited the bar, even those who had a negative result, to quarantine for 14 days “to monitor symptoms themselves and to distance themselves from other home contacts, such as family and roommates.”

“Given the number of outbreaks, we believe this is a higher risk than just going to a restaurant or bar,” said Linda S. Weil, Ingham County Health Specialist. “Probably more people infected with COVID-19 are not yet identified. We need help from people who visited Harper’s during the infection so we can hold back the outbreak. We need everyone to stay home.

Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub saw large crowds after opening June 8 Detroit Free Press Reported,

According to Harper and the Ingham County Department of Health, a bar was voluntarily closed on June 22 to add an air purification system to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, and to figure out how to ensure that people have the right social connections. Inspectors from the Department of Health found that Harper “followed appropriate security procedures related to staff, restaurant capacity, and table spacing.”

Harper’s statement said it was reopened with 50 percent bandwidth, but “the unusually plentiful response to our reopening exceeded our expectations,” which led to the emergence of lines inside and out.

“Our oversight of the line on our staircase was successful, but trying to get customers to follow our recommendations for public sidewalks was a daunting task,” the statement said.

The current demographic breakdown of 85 positive coronavirus patients was not immediately available from the Inham County Department of Health. When the outbreak was first reported, half of the cases were related to Michigan State University.

Florida and Texas governors close their bars on Friday to slow the rapid spread of coronavirus cases in these states, and on Sunday, seven districts in California were ordered to close bars as things grew there,


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