July 11, 2020
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Apple Introduces New Covid-19 Features: Handwash Guides and Masked Emoticons

Apple Introduces New Covid-19 Features: Handwash Guides and Masked Emoticons

AliExpress WW

WatchOS 7 will have a timer that will help you wash your hands long enough.

AliExpress WW

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It is not as easy as washing your hands. Most people do not clean long enough and do not wash them as often as necessary. Even healthcare professionals don’t wash your hands enoughdespite awareness of the benefits, as numerous studies have shown.

Therefore, Apple has just announced a new feature for the Apple Watch that will help users wash their hands properly. This feature will be launched along with WatchOS 7, the new software for Apple Watch, which will be available later this year.

The company at the WWDC Developer Conference noted that this feature will be especially useful during a pandemic. Public health groups, including C.D.C., remind people to wash their hands after a walk or a trip to the grocery store.

The new feature includes a hand wash timer that counts down. It uses motion sensors and listens to the sound of water in people’s hands, and helps them wash their hands properly.

It should be noted that consumers should take care to disinfect their iPhone and Apple Watch, as well as wash their hands.

This step may help Apple more deeply penetrate the medical sector. He hopes to surpass competitors, including Android, in selling his watches and tablets to hospitals and clinics. By offering hand-washing functions, the company could try to convince healthcare executives to subsidize costs – although some may interfere with jewelry, including the Apple Watch, as part of routine infection control. There are startups, including SwipeSensewho already sell sensory hand washing tools in hospitals to promote hygiene. Some Samsung watches also have a similar handwashing guide.

Another hint of a pandemic is that the company is also updating its popular memoji feature, which allows you to create customized emojis that look like you, with the option of sports face coverage. The CDC recommends that people use face masks to prevent the spread of the virus.


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