July 8, 2020
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AOC Boasts TikTok Teens Sabotaged Trump's Tulsa Turnout By Fake Registrations

AOC Boasts TikTok Teens Sabotaged Trump’s Tulsa Turnout By Fake Registrations

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Rep. Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez went on Twitter Saturday night to rejoice at the apparent low turnout at Tulpa’s widely publicized rally early in the day.

AliExpress WW

She boasted that teens across the country and around the world had cheated at the event, registering places, taking mass tickets online so that other people could not attendLeaving most of the arena barren and empty.

According to Forbes the report on Sunday, while the total capacity of the BOK center is about 20,000 – About 6,200 people came aboard the Tulsa fire department.,

Just before the Saturday rally at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Getty Images.

The New York Times also reported an organized attempted fraud in the Trump campaign, ensuring low voter turnout, proverb “Hundreds of young TikTok users and K-pop fans say they’re at least partially responsible.”

However, media reports appear driven solely by unconfirmed evidence such as Twitter reviews among teens and parents claiming success in the scheme.

For example, the AOC “shouts Zoomers” for what it calls “fake ticket bookings,” apparently based not on the direct knowledge that this is actually happening, but simply on media reports.

New York Times reports sunday:

TikTok users and fans of korean pop claimed to have registered potentially hundreds of thousands of Mr. Trump election campaign tickets as a joke. After the official Trump campaign account, @TeamTrump posted tweet On June 11, asking supporters to register free tickets using their phones, K-pop fan accounts began to share information with subscribers, prompting them to register for the rally and then not show.

One Trump 2020 campaign spokesman Tim Meurto did recognize some degree of intervention by protesters,

His criticism was directed against the protesters who “blocked access to metal detectors, preventing people from entering.”

The “ticket buying” scheme is widespread, but it remains largely untested outside of things like TikTok videos in which people are instructed to participate in the “trick”.

Meanwhile, a Trump campaign spokesman was on the defensive on Sunday morning shows, ultimately blaming tension around protesters against Trump at an entrance-blocking event, while saying that TV and digital media coverage was over five million viewers,

But then the low turnout could also be explained by the resurgence of a growing number of COVID-19 cases in Oklahoma and other states before the first major domestic event of the Trump campaign.

Just a few hours before the rally in Tulsa, six rally employees tested positive for coronavirus. Without a doubt, this probably made many ticket holders think at the last minute.


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