July 10, 2020
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Americans face the “very scary” next phase of the coronavirus pandemic as new infections spread throughout the south

Americans face the “very scary” next phase of the coronavirus pandemic as new infections spread throughout the south

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Calling the recent surge in coronavirus incidence in states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona to be “very scary,” Yahoo News medical correspondent Dr. Cavita Patel says she fears the virus will spread throughout the country during the summer.

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“If we have the ping-pong effect – you see the rust belt, you see the south [where cases have spiked]these people then travel and migrate, and then to places like Maryland, where I bring him back, “Patel told Yahoo News.”wiringPodcast “Then it ends only when we get the vaccine, and that is what we all fear.”

According to Patel, states removed restrictions designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, and people began to move more, as the virus spreads more in areas where it then spreads rapidly.

“Beaches, parties, proms: you have all kinds of young people coming together and creating what we call the events of super-representatives,” Patel said. “Now we have more cases of spread, which means more virus. The fact that we don’t have so many people dying from this … is because we are smarter about caring for patients in the hospital. “

At a briefing on the coronavirus task force on Friday, Dr. Deborah Birks said the increase in the number of positive tests in the states in the south was so important for health officials that a “warning system” was set up to monitor them. Birks said that in Texas, more than 10 percent of statewide COVID-19 tests are now returning to a positive outcome — the benchmark that the administration used to identify problem areas.

The president’s claim that the recent surge in business in some parts of the country is due to increased testing is misleading, Patel said. She argued that if anything, cases are underestimated.

“In fact, we are finally testing and understanding cases that we have not considered before,” Patel said. “Three months ago, we probably took 1 out of 100 infections. Today, we probably got 1 out of 10 infections. ”

Patel emphasized that the virus can have serious consequences, including for young people who are in good health.

“The average length of stay of a 30-year-old patient with COVID in the hospital is two weeks,” Patel said. “It doesn’t seem like they are just healthy and are outside the door. Mortality is 5 percent if you are 35 years old in Florida and you are hospitalized. We are definitely in a very scary area at this stage. ”

Patel said doctors are finding out more every day, including the long-term effects of the virus. She urged people to wear masks and take precautions to “buy time to get the vaccine, buy time to keep your health.”

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