July 9, 2020
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Amazon Prime Video introduces ‘Watch Party,’ a social coviewing experience included with Prime – TechCrunch

Amazon Prime Video introduces ‘Watch Party,’ a social coviewing experience included with Prime – TechCrunch

AliExpress WW

Amazon Prime Video is starting to use the interview feature for Amazon Prime members in the US, the company said today. The Party Observation function, which is provided at no extra cost when participating in the Prime program, allows participants to simultaneously watch video content, synchronizing playback with the host account.

AliExpress WW

The owner of the cowatching session will be able to start, stop, and pause the Watch Party as necessary throughout the session, and these changes will also be instantly synchronized with all participants’ devices.

Each session can also support up to 100 participants – provided that these participants also have a Prime (or Prime Video subscription) and look from inside the USA.

During video playback, users can chat with other participants using the built-in chat feature, which supports both text and built-in emoticons.

At the time of launch, the Watch Party is offered through Prime Video on a desktop computer and is supported by thousands of titles in the Prime Video SVOD directory (video on demand). This includes third-party content that comes with Prime, as well as Amazon Originals such as Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy, HANNA, Late Night Mindy Kaling, Donald Glover Guava, Zero Squad, Big Sick, Boys, Homecoming, My Spy other.

According to Amazon, names available only for rental or purchase are currently not available on Watch Party.

To get started with Watch Party, customers click on the new Watch Party icon on a movie or show page on the Prime Video desktop website. They are then given a link that they can share with friends and family as they want. Recipients who follow the link will join the session and be able to chat with others.

Amazon says a new feature has been built into Prime Video.

The company is the latest streaming service that introduces covert support for interviewing – something that became popular during the coronavirus pandemic, as people spend more time at home.

While the U.S. was hiding under coronavirus locks, a browser extension called Netflix Party has become viral, Soon all the banners wanted to take part in this action. HBO, for example, in partnership with a browser extension manufacturer Scener offer a “virtual theater” for coworking, which supports up to 20 people.

Hulu just recently neglected its own Watch Party feature for “Ad-Free” subscribers on Hulu.com. Media maker Plexa also deployed support Around the same time.

Amazon, however, has already suggested a way to break some of its Prime Video titles to this day. His streaming game site had Twitch introduced Watch parties this spring on over 70 Amazon Prime Video titles. The new domestic experience currently being offered offers a wider choice and may expand to more markets in the future.

If you have not seen the Watch Party, it will appear soon, since this function is just beginning to expand.

Amazon will not comment on its future plans for the Watch Party. When asked about future plans, the company will respond that it only introduces features when they are ready for customers.


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