July 4, 2020
AliExpress WW
Amazon gives advanced workers $ 500 bonus on coronavirus

Amazon gives advanced workers $ 500 bonus on coronavirus

AliExpress WW

An employee loads customer orders into an awaiting tractor inside an Amazon distribution warehouse that opened last fall in Fall River, Massachusetts, March 23, 2017.

AliExpress WW

John Tlumaki | Boston Globe | Getty images

Amazon provides advanced employees with a one-time bonus to “show appreciation” to employees who continue to come to work during the coronavirus pandemic, a company declared Monday.

In a memo to employees, Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of retail operations, said the company would pay a full-time warehouse, Whole Foods, and delivery service employees with a $ 500 bonus. Part-time workers will receive a bonus of $ 250, while Flex drivers who deliver packages for Amazon will receive $ 150 if they worked more than 10 hours in June. Whole Foods store managers will receive a bonus of $ 1,000, and owners of third-party Amazon shipping services will receive a bonus of $ 3,000.

“My gratitude and thanks for the truly remarkable commitment to the customers that you have shown throughout this journey,” Clark wrote in a note. “I have never been proud of our teams.”

The bonus applies to full-time or part-time workers who worked at Amazon during June, as well as teams in the United States and Canada.

In March, Amazon announced that it would provide warehouse, shipping, and Whole Foods employees with a $ 2 per hour wage increase, while warehouse workers also receive double overtime pay. Wage increases and double overtime pay came to an end in June.

Since then, workers have expressed disappointment that their wages for hazardous situations are declining, even though the pandemic continues and they still face threats to their safety and health. Calling the situation “life or death”, a group of California employees Amazon distributed A petition requiring restoration, inter alia, of payments for work in dangerous conditions, paid sick leave and child care.

Amazon defended its decision to halt wage increases and double overtime pay, saying that these wage increases were declared “able to meet the growing demand” from online orders, which have since stabilized.

Tensions are growing between Amazon and warehouse workers across the country, and employees say the company has not done enough to protect them from the coronavirus. Amazon previously said she left “long lengths” keep the premises clean and ensure that employees observe the necessary precautions, for example, put on a mask, use hand sanitizer, distance themselves from society and other measures.


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