July 8, 2020
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3,500 Mile-Long "Godzilla Dust Cloud" Will Hit US Southeast Within Hours

3,500 Mile-Long “Godzilla Dust Cloud” Will Hit US Southeast Within Hours

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A giant dust cloud that has traveled 5,000 miles from North Africa is landing in the southeastern United States this weekend and will cause brown haze and airway health problems in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Reuters,

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A dust storm in North Africa is an annual occurrence – however this year it is the densest it has been over 50 years According to meteorologists, some of them dubbed the “dust cloud of Godzilla.”

This weekend he will go down to Florida, moving west to Texas and North Carolina through Arkansas, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

“This is a really dry layer of air that contains these very fine particles of dust. It happens every summer, ”says NWS meteorologist Patrick Blood. “Some of these plumes contain more particles, and now we expect a very large dust plume on the Gulf of Mexico.”

This year, dust is the densest in half a century, several meteorologists told Reuters earlier this week when it crossed the Caribbean Sea.

Sugar plume of dust will hang over the region until the middle of next weekdeterioration in air quality in Texas, Florida, and other states where the incidence of COVID-19 has recently increased. –Reuters

“There is evidence of a potential interaction between air pollution and the risk of developing COVID, so we are worried at this stage,” said Grigory Wellenius, environmental health professor at Boston University of Public Health.

The sky in the affected states is expected to be foggy with limited visibility, along with a protective layer of dust. According to meteorologists, dry air mass that carries dust can inhibit the formation of hurricanes and tropical storms, and can also enhance sunrises and sunsets.


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