July 3, 2020
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2020 Election Will Be A Contest Of The Angry

2020 Election Will Be A Contest Of The Angry

AliExpress WW

Posted by Victor Davis Hanson through RealClearPolitics.com,

AliExpress WW

It was assumed that the old elections of 2020 will have many familiar issues. It is no longer

So far, the candidates themselves could be history in November. Leftists quoted Trump’s tweets and erratic shots like windows into his dark soul.

Right replied that bewildered and bewildered Joe Biden was not a candidate at all.

Instead, it was just a facsimile machine, which was supposed to be carried on election day onto the shoulders of the Democratic Party, but soon disappeared.

Then the radical vice president could soon realize the hard left plans through succession, which she could not do through elections.

The issues themselves can no longer be decided by elections. Not long ago, progressives claimed that Trump’s miraculous economy was in ruins because of the plague, quarantine, and riots.

They thundered that this was what you would expect from Trump’s innate chaos – a mess that would have to be invented if it hadn’t been.

The right was opposed to the fact that deregulation, energy development, tax reform and reindustrialization, which made America Great, would make America Great – Again.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, Democrats claimed that peace abroad would return with Biden’s victory. They spoke of restoring the influence of post-war American diplomacy, soft power, traditional alliances, transnational organizations, and the United Nations.

Trump Republicans believed that all this was more a problem, not a solution. They argued that America’s relationship with NATO, China and the European Union is now at least based on reality, not dangerous fantasies and stale bromides.

Opponents of Trump saw the November elections as a return to normalcy in Washington: there’s no need to fight the press, there will be no more paranoia of a deep state, there will no longer be dissident generals, canned FBI leaders or annoyed CIA officials.

Instead, Trump’s base viewed the November elections as the last chance to drain the federal swamp of careerists, apparatchiks, corporate lackeys, and various instigators.

These unselected and unaccountable bureaucrats, lobbyists and functionaries with revolving doors during the previous decades have cracked the Bill of Rights, stagnated the economy, killed nations in endless endless wars and laid the country into China.

But this riddle is an ancient story now.

For almost a month, the nation was engulfed in mass protests and chronic unrest, looting and arson.

The catalyst for the demonstrations – the violent and unlawful death of African-American George Floyd, who is being held in police custody in Minneapolis – by itself disappears due to the shocks associated with this.

The statues are overthrown. Names are dramatically changed. Career canceled.

The police are offended – and leaves work. Retired generals are no longer regarded as conservative traditionalists, but radicals themselves who dare to take over the commander in chief.

Seattle city center is no longer under the control of the city government.

The Internet is full of self-appointed detectives. They scour hours of video and millions of words in search of an immodest past remark – like food in order to kill a political opponent, a competitor for work or a personal enemy.

The energy of the people, calmed down by the two-month national quarantine and terror of the coronavirus, suddenly exploded both in mass protests and in silent booming lawlessness.

As a result, fortunately or evil, the 2020 elections are no longer associated with Biden and Trump policies, democratic or republican policies, and progressive and conservative plans.

No, now we are talking about America, as it was until May 2020 – always with flaws, but it is constantly being improved, and not perfect, but much better than alternatives – and what has now come.

Most of the country believes that America is racist, cruel and incapable of self-correction of its so-called original sins – without radically erasing most of its past history, traditions and customs.

He sees random violence as a necessary stimulator of long overdue changes. It claims that the American founders are focusing on freedom and freedom as increasingly selfish and incompatible with social justice and equality.

Racism, left-wing protesters say, is present in American DNA. Finally, massive cutting, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are required, which deservedly cause disgust and can even kill the host.

The other half of the country will vote to preserve what is under attack. They feel that the dreamy world of demonstrators and rebels is an Orwellian vision, far worse than the current reality they are protesting against.

America, in their opinion, is the only major successful multiracial democracy in the world. This is the place of immigrants’ dreams in the world – precisely because its ancient institutions adapt and change for the better, but only if they are preserved and allowed to work.

Angry and demonstrating loud and visible; their opponents are evil and quiet.

The elections will show not only who is more numerous, but, unfortunately, and who is the most evil.


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