July 12, 2020
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18 family members diagnosed with coronavirus after an unexpected party in Texas

18 family members diagnosed with coronavirus after an unexpected party in Texas

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Last month, an unexpected birthday party ended up being diagnosed with 18 Texas family members COVID-19including a couple aged 80 and cancer patient,

AliExpress WW

Ani Stone and Ron Barbosa told NBC Dallas Fort Worth that their parents, Carol and Frank Barbosa, who are over 80, are members of a family struggling with coronavirus.

Both were hospitalized for at least a week. While Carol hopes to return home soon, Frank, according to their children, is in the intensive care unit.

Barboza posted on facebook Wednesday that his father got crucial reduced plasma COVID-19 infusion patients who have had antibodies.

“Prayers were heard today,” he wrote. “Now he needs to recover for Mom and the Barbosa family.” Please continue to give plasma after you recover from Covid! The waiting list is growing every hour, and you will save a life !!

The couple, with six children, 26 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren, hope to celebrate together their 68th wedding anniversary on July 26th.

“That’s all we want them to just be home,” Stone told NBC DFW.

Barbosa told the local station Wfaa that an unexpected 30-year-old party to mark the 30th anniversary of his daughter-in-law led to 18 family members being diagnosed with COVID-19. He said that the party was organized by his nephew, who at that time did not know that he had a coronavirus, and included about 25 people appearing at different times.

Barbosa, a volunteer emergency care technician married to a doctor, was not present at the party.

“When people started to get sick, we really let everyone have this,” said Barbosa KENS. “We knew this was about to happen, I mean, all this time we were terrified.”

Those who are infected also include his sister Katie, who is also undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, but, fortunately, is recovering from COVID-19.

Disease spreads among families as businesses in Texas skyrocket to the point that Governor Greg Abbott announced thursday that the state suspends its last phase of reopening and suspends planned operations.

Texas health officials reported a record of 4,389 hospital admissions and 5,551 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, while a nationwide number of new coronavirus cases on Wednesday was a record of 45,557, according to data. NBC News account,


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