August 5, 2020
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Medvedev DOES NOT train: agent refutes reports that Russian figure skater is quarantined in Japan

Medvedev DOES NOT train: agent refutes reports that Russian figure skater is quarantined in Japan

AliExpress WW

Agent Evgenia Medvedeva denied reports that the Russian star skater neglects the laws prohibiting the movement of Kovid-19 during training in Japan, and further referred to the strict closure of the country “Golden Week”.

AliExpress WW

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Medvedev’s two-time world speed skating champion, who is currently in Japan, has been fiercely criticized after she posted a video of her famous program, Geisha’s Memories, in a Japanese park in front of sakura trees.

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“Send her back to Russia!”: Japanese fans want Medvedev’s ice skating star to oust the country, accusing her of violating safety rules

Evil locals go to social networks to “send her back to Russia!” due to the apparent neglect of quarantine of coronavirus in the country, up to the appeal to the Russian embassy in Japan and accusation of her training at the ice rink in Hatsinoghe.

However, agent Ari Zakaryan rejected these requirements and insisted that the 20-year-old teenager does not train during quarantine, mainly due to the closure of any facilities during the “golden week” in the country.

“The golden week of holidays in Japan lasts from April 29 to May 6, and everything is closed. And I know from conversations with the Japanese that at that time no one trained there, including Medvedev. I’m sure she doesn’t trainSport Express informed Zakaryan as they say.

Zakaryan also shed light on the reasons why Medvedev came and ended up staying in Japan, despite recent severe travel restrictions due to the crisis with coronavirus.

“Why did she go to Japan? She had the planned show “Prism on Ice”, and I think that at the time of the trip she thought that it would take place anyway.

“Another show, Fantasy on Ice, was canceled only on April 20. Therefore, there were reasons to be sure that there would be no cancellation. ”

In early April, Japan declared a state of emergency throughout the country due to an outbreak of the disease and plans to extend its strict blocking for at least a month. In Japan, 14,516 official cases of coronavirus infection have been reported, resulting in 466 deaths.


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