August 9, 2020
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Mark Kuban: White House guarantees for coronavirus should be the norm of the United States before people feel comfortable

Mark Kuban: White House guarantees for coronavirus should be the norm of the United States before people feel comfortable

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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Kuban told CNBC Monday that coronavirus protection measures in the White House should become the norm before most Americans are comfortable going out.

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“We have to come to the moment when the White House standard becomes the national standard, I think that consumers feel safe when leaving home, so that employers feel completely safe, returning people to work,” said the Cuban. Squawk Box. “” I think we can get there, I just don’t know when. ”

Cuban comments came on Monday as many states in the US began to ease business restrictions imposed to slow the spread of Covid-19. President Donald Trump supported the effort, reporting over the weekend that “it’s great to see our country open again!”

At the same time, two White House employees – Trump’s personal valet, as well as Katie Miller, spokesman for Vice President Mike Pence – have given a positive result in Covid-19 in recent days.

The White House has stepped up its prevention efforts after diagnoses, According to NBC News.

White House spokeswoman Judd Deere told CNBC on Monday that every employee close to the president and vice president is being tested every day. Daily temperature checks, tracking of symptom history and deep cleaning of all workplaces are also provided, Deere said in an email, adding that all guests are also tested.

Cuban NBA owner Dallas mavericks and the small business investor through Shark Tank said he wanted to apply the “White House Protocol” to his employees.

“Whatever the White House does for the president and vice president, this is a protocol that I want to use for my employees. And if I can’t stick to it, then why should I risk them? ” said a Cuban who added that he’s still not going to eat in restaurants, although Texas started allow limited service in the dining room,

Kubin said that most Americans do not have access to the daily tests for the Covid-19, and “that’s the problem.” He said that Americans should ask themselves: “Who can we trust in our lives?”

“If we don’t get a clear answer, if we don’t hear a clear plan, and if we don’t get specific guidelines for healthcare, then the best we can do is to imitate what should be the highest level of concern, which is the White House “he said.” You must protect the president. You must protect the vice president. Why don’t I want to adhere to the same standards for my employees? ”

Mystery Shoppers of Cubans

Mark Kuban, entrepreneur and owner of Dallas Mavericks, delivers a speech at the WSJTECH in Laguna Beach, CA, October 21, 2019.

Mike Blake | Reuters

The Cuban had previously weighed in many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, arguing that employee support should be a priority in government assistance programs, as well as criticizing the small business lending program.

Earlier this month, the owner of Mavs told CNBC that small businesses in Texas need more support for a safe start, as the state has eased restrictions on businesses.

He recently hired a business survey firm in Texas to assess whether they plan to reopen, and to see if those who have been open follow the state guidelines for social distance and other Covid-19 prevention measures.

The “mystery shoppers” survey was conducted the first weekend, during which it was allowed to open additional businesses, and found that many did not apply the recommended guidelines, Kubin said.

He said that he was not surprised, because it was only the first weekend, and “there really weren’t so many good protocols or support mechanisms for small businesses.”

“What we are already planning to do is next week we will do the same, see what are the trends, and try to learn from this,” the Cuban said. member Trump’s advisory board on how to help the US economy recover from a stop caused by a coronavirus.

– Disclosure: CNBC owns exclusive rights to connect to the network “Shark tank“on which Mark Kuban is co-host.


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