August 12, 2020
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Kosachev explained the West’s ban on asking for help from Russia

AliExpress WW
MOSCOW, May 29 – RIA Novosti. The West is afraid that its failures in the fight against coronavirus will give rise to sympathies of the allies for Russia and China, the head of the international committee of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, said on air NSN.
So the parliamentarian commented on the publication of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for the Chinese edition of the Global Times. The minister mentioned the accusations against Moscow of wanting to use humanitarian and medical assistance to “strengthen geopolitical influence.” According to him, it has even reached “humiliating prohibitions contrary to basic diplomatic norms that apply to Russia for medical and humanitarian assistance – regardless of how dire the situation is.”

Kosachev emphasized that the problem voiced by Lavrov did not surprise him.

AliExpress WW

“She, unfortunately, fits into the logic of the behavior of our geopolitical opponents – the so-called collective West. They, in any situation, even when it affects the interests, safety and health of people, put in the forefront the task of ensuring their own dominance in the world, and not through close competition, and through the suppression of rivals, “said the senator.

He added that the “division into allies and opponents” does not stop in the minds of the West even when the world needs a collective response to a common misfortune.

“Indeed, there is an outright blackmail and intimidation of those countries that theoretically can imagine rapprochement with Russia on the principles of counteracting a pandemic,” Kosachev concluded.

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