August 6, 2020
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Google will reimburse employees up to $ 1,000 to buy home equipment

Google will reimburse employees up to $ 1,000 to buy home equipment

AliExpress WW

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

AliExpress WW


Google will reimburse employees up to $ 1,000 for equipment that will help them work from home, CEO Sundar Pichai wrote to employees Tuesday.

He also spoke in detail about how the company will slowly open its offices, starting with the rotation of employees through offices with 10% load on July 6 and working up to 30% in September. This echoes the statements made by Pichai earlier in May.

This step shows how one of the most highly regarded companies in the world is trying to restore normal operation after the emergence of coronavirus, which today killed more than 347,000 people and influenced the business of the parent company Google Alphabet. Google was one of the first companies to order all employees to work from home, and managed the expectations throughout the pandemic by letting them know that they couldn’t consume goods such as food (instead of free food served in the cafeteria) or membership in the gym .

“This will give googlers who need to return to the office – or, if bandwidth allows them, who want to return, the opportunity to return on a limited, rotational basis (think: one day every couple of weeks, so building is about 10 percent),” Pichai wrote in an email that was posted on a Google blog.

He also noted that the offices will be different. “We will have strict safety and health measures to ensure compliance with the guidelines for social distance and sanitation, so the office will look and feel different than when you left.”

Managers will inform employees whether they should return by June 10, and for all other employees, the return will be voluntary, writes Pichai. Those who are interested should talk to their managers, he wrote.

The return dates for offices are the same for contractors, who make up a significant part of Google’s overall workforce, as well as for employees. According to the company, if temporary employees, suppliers or contractors need more than they received, they should contact their employers.

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