August 9, 2020
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A Brave New Normal, Part 2 - A "Cranky" CJ Hopkins Has A Theory

A Brave New Normal, Part 2 – A “Cranky” CJ Hopkins Has A Theory

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My speakers haven’t been very funny lately. This one won’t be funnier. I’m sorry. Fascism is driving me crazy.

I do not mean the fascism that the corporate media and the fake Resistance have been desperately promoting for the past four years. God help me, but I’m not really bothered by the fact that several hundred white excellence march around with tiki torches, shouting Nazi slogans at each other, or Jewish-Mexican-American clerks, flashing OK signs on TV, or grinning schoolchildren in magicians hats.

I am talking about actual, conscientious fascism or totalitarianism if you want to become technical. In cases where governments declare a global “state of emergency” based on virus with a mortality rate of 0.2 to 1% (and this Causes mild, flu-like symptoms or no symptoms in more than 97% of those infected.) locks everyone in their homes, suspends their constitutional rights, terrorizes them with propaganda and unleashes goon squad uniforms those who do not comply with their despotic decrees.

I’m talking about totalitarianism, where the police track you down using your smartphone’s data and then comes to your home to personally prosecute you for participating in a political protest, or attack you for contesting their illegal powerand then blame you for “attacking” for resistance, and then get the media to publish the story accuses you of “rigging” the police,

I’m talking about totalitarianism, where Secret Police receives carte blanche to monitor everyone’s online activity, and scan you with yoursurveillance helmets,” and dictate how close you can sit with friends, and threaten you with drones and robots, and violently tear your children out of your hands and arrest you if you dare to protest.

I’m talking about totalitarianism, which psychologically tormenting children with authoritarian rituals of loyalty designed to make them live in fear and respond to absurd Pauline irritants, and this encourages the masses to turn off their brain and mechanically repeat propaganda slogans such as “wear a mask” and Smooth Curve and to report their neighbors to the police for an “illegal” private party … And in order to prevent artificial mass hysteria in another way, the authorities must “justify” their totalitarianism.

Yes, such things annoy me.

And you know what makes me really moody?

I will tell you what makes me really moody.

These are people who publicly position themselves as “anti-authoritarianists” and “anti-fascists”, or who have established their “anti-agency” brands and “dissident” people on social networks or even in corporate media, or zealously supporting this totalitarianism or looking away and not saying anything since it is being unfolded by the very authorities and media propagandists they pretend to confront I don’t know exactly why, but it makes me especially annoyed.

I will give some examples …

The militant “Portland antifascists,” whom the corporate media have come to love and praise for boldly fighting the Trump-loving threat of Putin and Nazism over the past four years, as soon as the totalitarianism crown has begun, are what all real antifascists do when the state turns into a full-blown fascist. .. no, they did not “smash the state”, they did not “occupy the streets” or something like that. They disguised themselves and began to do vegan hand sanitizer,

Popular Internet anti-imperialist launched blaming everyone who opposes the ban on being part of some far-right republican conspiracy “Promote mass death under the banner of freedom” or “normalize death” to benefit rich peopleor to be members of the “cult of death” or something else. Famous socialists went on Twitter to warn us that “soon we have the blood of thousands of people in our handsAnd call usanti vaxxers” and “flat earth gets fucked“.

Independent political and military analysts patiently explain why governments should be able to bring people out of their homes against their will and isolate them,

Anarchist anthropologists argued that blocking did not harm a productive economy; it only harmed the “bullshit economy” and those who complained about the lack of work were people whose work was “mostly worthless”.

Others simply turned away or sat in silence when we were confined to our homes and forced to bear “permitsGo to work or to the corner grocery store, and were beaten and arrested for not “distancing himself” were otherwise harassed and humiliated for no good reason.

(In the end, it’s a virus that even official medical experts for example, the chief medical officerAdmit that it is more or less harmless to the vast majority of us, not to the bubonic damn plague or some kind of alien terrorist-fatal flu … so save me from “we had no choice, but to go on the road” is totalitarian rationalization.)

My intention is not just to mock these people (that is, these “radical”, “anti-establishment” types who fell into the system and began to spoil, because the media told them that we would all die), but also use them as a good example of how official narratives are born and approved.

This is somewhat appropriate at the moment, because “Brave new normal” the official story was bornbut this has not yet been fixed. What happens next will determine if it will be.

To understand how this works, imagine for a moment that you are one of those people who are usually skeptical of the government and the media, and that you consider yourself anti-authoritarian, or at least a friend of the working class. and now you begin to understand that there is no alien terrorist-fatal flu (just like there were no “weapons of mass destruction”, “Russian hackers”, “writing tape”, etc.), and so it dawns on you that you behaved like a hysterical, brainwashed, fascist minion of the very establishment that you are supposedly confronting … or at least as a disgusting coward.

Imagine how you can feel right now.

You would probably feel pretty stupid, right? And more than a little ashamed of myself. So … Okay, what to do about it? Well, you would have several options.

Option number one will admit to what you did, apologize to anyone, and hell try not to do it again.

Not many people are going to choose this option.

Most people are going to choose option number two, which is to desperately try to deny what they have done, or to desperately rationalize what they have done (and in many cases still do).

Now it doesn’t sound so simple, because it means that they will have to continue to believe (or at least pretend to believe) that is an Alien-Terrorist-Deadly flu that will kill hundreds of millions of people at the moment when we stop locking everyone and forcing them to “social distance” and so on. They will have to continue to pretend that they believe that this Alien-Terrorist-Deadly Flu exists, even if they know that it does not.

And this is somewhere Orwellian “double thinking” comes inPeople (that is, these “anti-authoritarianists”, not to mention the majority of the “normal” public) will not want to face the fact that they behaved like a group of fascists (or cowards) without any justification for the reason at all. Thus, instead, they frantically pretend that their behavior was justified and that the propaganda that they swallowed and spewed out was not propaganda, but rather the “Truth”.

In other words, in order to avoid shame, they will do everything in their power to rephrase the official narrative and delegitimize anyone who tries to expose it as fiction. They are going to join the corporate media that call us “extremists, “”conspiracy theorists, “”anti vaxxersAnd other similar epithets. They are going to blame those of us on the left forfar-right republican militias,” and “Boogaloo boostersAnd be members supported by RussiansQuerfront, And dismantled other terrible things, designed to scare the left.

First of all, they will continue to insist despite all evidence to the contrarythe fact that we are “attacked” by a “killer virus” that can “deliver a new blow at any time,” and therefore we must maintain at least some level of totalitarianism and paranoia, or otherwise … well, you know, terrorists will win ,

It is this shortening of the official narrative by those who are too ashamed to admit what they did (and try to determine why they did it), and not the narrative or the propaganda itself, which will ultimately claim “Brave New Normal” as “reality”. (Provided that the process works as smoothly as in the case of the War on Terrorism, the War on Populism, and the Cold War). Facts, data, “science” do not matter. Reality is a consensus reality … and a new consensus is being formed.

These people (some of whom are quite influential) have a chance (right now, and not in a few months) to get up and say: “Oops! I screwed up and went there by the Nazis. But I seriously doubt that this will happen.

It is much more likely that the “Brave New Normal” (or some intermittent, shortened version of it) will gradually become our new reality. People will get used to being “locked up” from time to time, and they are ordered to wear masks and not touch each other, as well as to stand in certain circles and boxes, as they are used to “anti-terrorism measures,” and believe that Trump is “ Russian asset. ” The impending economic depression will be blamed on alien terrorism, deadly flu, and not on the location that caused it. Millions of people will be doomed to extreme povertyor enslaved by debts for the rest of their lives, but they will be too busy trying to survive to offer any kind of broad resistance.

Children, of course, will not know better. They will grow up with their “isolation boxes”, “protective barriers” and “contact tracing”, and they will live in constant low fear of another killer virus, terrorist attack or rebellion of white supremacists supported by Russia, or some boogeyman may threaten the global capitalist empire, which, of course, will be just wonderful.

I will probably stay a little upset, but try to find humor in all this.

Bear with me … it may take some time.


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